Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mail Day! Mail Day! Everybody Loves Mail Day!.... and Topps Screws Up Once Again...

Alright, now that I've got you hooked with my catchy blog post title...

So, I was contacted a week or so ago from a guy named Rob. He had some Astros cards that he'd send my way, with a loose promise of some possible Mets cards back in return. Well, I wasn't expecting a full 500+ card type case in the mail, which showed up today. Amazing. Tons of cards, and some great ones... too many to post, but I did pull out a few that caught my eye! Thanks Rob!
Three great players here! Biggio, Berkman and Clemens. Still a big Clemens fan... and I got a hit!
A Beltran hit! Sweet! He was only here a half a season, so his Astros hits are rare! Thanks again Rob, I'll see what kind of Mets package I can send back your way!

Alright, here we go... take a seat everyone, this is about to get KRUNK. Topps, you screwed the pooch on this one. Get ready for the Dimwit's wrath. I got my personal redemption of (5) Topps Chrome Refractors in the mail today... check out what I got...
Kline, not bad, Elder, OK, another Appel for me, it's cool... wait, huh, what's going on... is that 2 Ficociello's I see before me?!?!!? Really in one pack of 5 you nimrods couldn't figure out simple collation?!?!!? WAIT... HOLD ON... What the hell???? Look at those autos! They aren't even CLOSE to being the same... something is fishy here... Let's take a closer look...
Yea.... um Topps... you screwed something up... as it turns out, I have this other card from the first 5 pack that was part of the Group Break redemption that will be headed to Ryan Hughes....
Oh wait... it's all making sense... somehow you found a way to slap a Nolan Fontana auto on a Dominic Ficociello card!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!! Where is the quality control???? Do I have a super rare error card?  Or a worthless card that Topps probably won't even acknowledge they screwed up on. If I take this to eBay, I'll be accused of faking the auto or something. But really, this is exactly how I pulled it from the pack! What would you do? Contact Topps Customer Service to ask them to fix it? Just keep the card?

You see Topps (and all you other card companies!!!), this is the problem with sticker autos! You can't trust that humans won't screw something up in the process and slap the wrong auto on the wrong card!!!! I wonder how many other of these got screwed up...


  1. Jeeza Louisa!
    FYI; I have an s-load of 2009 UD Retrospective cards to dump. Check out the list at my joint.

  2. Un-freakin-believable. Maybe if these kids could actually write legibly, this wouldn't happen.

  3. I would send it to Topps. The only way we're going to get them to do better is to hold them accountable.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. Any chance that legit Ficociello is available for trade?