Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Topps Chrome Group Break Box #3... and my apologies...

Here's your video everyone:

No page break today... I want to make sure everyone reads this ALL THE WAY TO THE END... of course, the scans first:
Red Sox lead off this group with some RC love at the end.

Alright, so a decent assortment inserts... lots of teams represented, and of course another Brave insert...
The Jordan Walden Atomic refractor /225! That gives 3 Waldens towards the refractor rainbow in this break! A very nice /99 Blue refractor for the Diamondbacks!

And of course, there's these two guys:
If you watched the video, you're probably just as pissed now as I was when I opened these boxes... well, I did some e-mailing and chatting with the guys who got the Yanks and White Sox (Derek and Andrew). Derek already has an Noesi base level auto, so we made a side deal and he has given these two up to be randomized to the group, as has 1 of the Sale autos by Andrew. So, then contacted the "Hard Luck" participant of the break, the person who got the least amount of cards for their two teams and that would be Chris over at Nachos Grande and gave him first shot at one of these autos and he selected one of the Noesi autos. I then took the remaining slots who did not get an auto... and well here's the video of the randomization and further explanation:
So congratulations to Potch and Kyle4KC. Sorry everyone for Topps being unable to seed or collate boxes properly, apparently in the 60 years they've been doing this, there are just some things too difficult to understand or ensure happens on a relatively normal basis.

I'll work to get these packages mailed in the next 24-48 hours, depending on my schedule here....

I've got a great idea for the next group break... it'll be the same format, just completely different product. How does 4 boxes sound? How does 20 guarenteed hits sound? How does $15 for two teams sound? 2006 and 2007 UD Future Stars. 2 boxes of each and 5 autos per box. I'll have sign ups put together later this week after I do all my shipping and stuff. Start going over those checklists to see if you want to be in this one, some HUGE names in these products!


  1. Thank you for the extra effort here and thanks to Derek and Andrew as well.

  2. Hey, you don't pack the cards. I was not mad.

    And then I got to the bottom of your post. It's REALLY nice that you went the extra mile and same for Derek and Andrew. Totally unexpected but really, really nice.

    I'm up for another break when you are!

    Thank you to all!