Saturday, December 10, 2011

Group Break Randomization - 2nd Teams

Alright, I picked up the last slot because I'm excited about this break. So, here we'll do the randomization for the second teams, I'll assign them based on the order of the first 15 teams and their claimant:

Braves - Derek
Red Sox - Matt Perry
Reds - Matt Pederson
Rockies - Derek
Tigers - James
Marlins - Andrew
Astros - The Dimwit
Dodgers - Jbos
Brewers - Kyle4KC
Yankees - Jbos
Phillies - daddyohoho
Giants - Kyle4KC
Cardinals - IkesCards
Rangers - James
Nationals - The Dimwit

Here's the randomization video:

And here's the completed list of pairings:

Braves and Jays - Derek
Red Sox and Padres- Matt Perry
Reds and Orioles - Matt Pederson
Rockies and Twins - Derek
Tigers and White Sox- James
Marlins and Diamondbacks- Andrew
Astros and Indians - The Dimwit
Dodgers and Angels - Jbos
Brewers and Rays - Kyle4KC
Yankees and Cubs - Jbos
Phillies and Mets - daddyohoho
Giants and Pirates - Kyle4KC
Cardinals and Mariners - IkesCards
Rangers and Athletics - James
Nationals and Royals - The Dimwit

Trade away in the comments everyone! Let me know either via comments or e-mail if deals are agreed upon so I can update the list!


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  2. Anyone interested in the Padres? I was hoping for the Rays, Twins or Nats.

  3. I have the Orioles, if anyone is interested.

  4. Ooh, question. What do we do if we pull one of the WBC Future Stars cards from the 2006 box? Some of them play in the MLB, some don't.

  5. Matt Perry's question has been answered in Update #2 on the original sign up page post.