Saturday, December 17, 2011

Group Break - 2007 UD Future Stars - 1st Box

Here's the video for the first box of future stars...

And after the break, you'll get the scans!

First up, the foil inserts!
These look nice, the whole set to me is a bit "busy" on the car fronts. Next up, the autos:
Well, no one amazing here... rather ho-hum group of autographs. Hope you enjoyed this box, tomorrow I unveil the final box of the break!


  1. Well, no Hamilton with this one, but at least I won't be walking away from the break empty-handed.

  2. I've gotta admit, I'm absolutely *loving* this group break thing! I hope you can do another one - I'd be happy to send some more your way if you get other folks in it! This is so much fun watching my old boxes opened online...even though I'm not getting any of them, lol!

  3. Nobody amazing???? Are you kidding? You got TWO Alex Gordon's and a Billy Butler. Looks pretty amazing to me. :-)