Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened At Trade Night...

So, once a month Big Hit Sports Cards has "TRADE NIGHT" which trends more towards the pack wars than actual trading, but I go because it's fun and everyone once in a while I swing an awesome trade or win a trivia/pack war contest. Well, tonight I did both. I sent some Cardinals cards packing over to a new friend James in exchange for these beauts:
That Berkman refractor is numbered #199/199 while that AWESOME UD BLACK Berkman auto is 38/75!!! SWEET!!!

Alright, during the week I had also gotten some cards on the cheap from Big Hits ebay page, and picked those up as well...
 A nice Pettitte Astros relic, a bit harder to find than Yanks relics for him. Another Oswalt to add to the list and a Bowman Platinum of Mike Foltynewicz (can I buy a vowel??). Very nice, there was one more but it accidentally got shipped to my Houston address and is in the process of being returned...
Snagged a GQ relic of Utley as well, it was a good value and looked awesome. Any Phillies fans still needing this one?
Some quality Artifacts hits... and then there's this guy:
Somehow I think Mr. Hiflew may go a bit bonkers over this one... a nice big patch /45! SWEET!

I also swung a smaller trade for a couple of Nolan Ryan cards:
The one on the left is a no-name brand (literally, there's no name on it) but I thought it was a cool looking card and then the one on the right is from 93 Donruss and is a tribute to Nolan's 27 years in the league. Seriously, will we ever see another SUPERSTAR (I know, Arthur Rhodes will pitch until he's 72 but he's no superstar) that plays at such a high level for so many years?

Oh, I mentioned pack wars and a trivia contest win... well all the pack wars tonight revolved around football. So, I bought a few packs and got these two sweet lookin' cards:
Well, the pack war for this particular set was finding the serial number on an insert closest to the number 23... so when I pulled this card out of my limited number of packs, I won!
That's 20/75... I also got an Urlacher 1/10 parallel. I know nothing about football cards, so I'm not sure if any of these guys are worth big $$$ but my prize from the pack war was a tin of 2011 Timeless Treasures and that's where I got these cards:
A sweet auto/relic of the back-up for the Patriots. Sorry everyone, this is on eBay already, trying to make some dough!
The Knox is numbered 50/50 and I gotta say the color scheme is awesome. The Cassel? Boo...

This epicly long post will be concluded with my mail today... I got a package from Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress. He recently did a ridiculous group break of dozens of products and well I of course snagged the Astros. He threw in a tin of UD Sweet Spot and boy am I glad he did... here's the highlights and my hit from the break:
A couple of nice Roy O's, the new 2B in town Jose "Mighty Mouse" Altuve, quality Pence parallel, the old 2B in town Biggio in his Topps Finest glory and then there's Roger. I am still a fan, no matter what charges get thrown at him.
What a sweet card! A nice stitch right through that swatch! Thanks Spankee, GREAT BREAK!