Monday, November 21, 2011


So I decided to scan in all my trade bait cards hoping that if you all see these magnificent pieces of cardboard you will be enticed to want them even more! .... Enjoy... e-mail me or comment below with any questions you may have about specific cards...

 Sheffield, Konerko, Fielder, Byrd, Fielder, Youkilis, Fielder, Castro
Perry - TRADED, Tejada, Jenks, Nolasco, Lowell, Francour, Posada, Figgins
Felix, Felix, Perry, Church, Pudge, D. Young, Lipkin, Crawford
Anderson, Danks, Doumit, Hunter, Roberts, Ashburn, Fisk - TRADED, Berra

Bonderman, Lidge, Lee, Giles, Beckett, Blalock, Peavy, Harden
Kojima, Hunter, Carpenter - TRADED, Lee, Clark - TRADED, Bay, Berroa, Figgins
Doeer, Garko, Fred Lewis, Titus Young
Lee, Joe Morgan, Mourning, Hunter, Sexson, Green, Hermida, Konerko
Buhner, Trammel, Perry, Cunningham, Martis, Gamel, Johnson, Morgan, Salas
Tabata, Kouzminoff, Petersen, LaRoche, Kouzminoff, Owings, Hill, Hampson, Lowry
Smith, Reardon, Assenmacher, Williams, Plesac, Brunansky, Choice, Bleiler
Rodney, Morton, Harris, Cain, Cecil, Torres, Robinson, Nolasco, Cruz - TRADED
Nunez, Crow, Crow, McGee, Peguero, Cobb, Drabek - TRADED, Pineda, Pineda
Reynolds - TRADED, Carpenter, Conger, Rainville - TRADED, Taillon, Nickeas

And all you football fans, don't forget to go check out my contest!


  1. Set aside a Pineda auto for me. I'll be hitting up a card show soon.

  2. What would it take to get that Bobby Morgen off your hands??

  3. Please hold onto that Masterpieces Hill auto for me. I still have that Oswalt hat patch and I'll try to find more stuff for you soon.

  4. Definitely love to grab the Cobb. I have a pre-81 Ryan or two. I'll drop you a line tomorrow!

  5. I would love the plate, if I could find something else at the show this weekend.

  6. I'd like to try and work something out for the Drabek and the Berra.

  7. That stinks, I was asking for the Berra and the word verification glitched.

    Would also be interested in the Crow gold, Fielder black gypsy queen, and the other Pineda?

  8. I'd like a shot at the Cain Auto. I'll see what I have for you, or check out my trade bait -

  9. i like all these haha
    gaylord perry jerseys in rangers and mariners unis
    fisk and berra jerseys
    bobby morgan
    shane peterson
    cruz auto

    and i had that ruth and some other stuff you still liked i think

  10. Yeah, okay, I'm interested in the Rainville

  11. I obviously like the Youk and the Mike Lowell, but I'm not sure I've got anything you want at the moment. You know most of what I have, but I'll scan in some of my trade bait and put it up as well. You've already got all my Astros stuff, lol.

  12. I am interested in the mark reynolds sepia refractor. I have some 78' topps and gypsy queen minis from your want lists.