Monday, November 14, 2011

Preview Post - Breygent Marketing - New Sponsor

Some of you all may have noticed that I have picked up a new sponsor in the side bar of the blog. I'd like to thank and welcome Breygent Marketing to the confines of The Daily Dimwit!

Breygent produces a wide variety of entertainment, television and movie related card products. Previous sets include Sci-Fi & Horror Movie posters, The Wizard of Oz, multiple seasons of Dexter and Ghost Whisperer, and even a special set for Marilyn Monroe. My wife has collect two sets of their vintage movie poster sets and is quite impressed with both the sets and the quality of the production.

Breygent has two sets that they are getting ready to release in the next few months. First up is the February release of the new Red Sonja, based on the comic book series of the same name. Here are some promotional shots of the new cards:

Ok, so I'll admit I don't know much about Red Sonja, other than there being a movie in 1985 that had the Govenator in it. But apparently she's been around since the 30's as part of the Conan The Barbarian comic book series.
In full beast mode, ready to kill all she sees...
 I do like the art work. Each promo shot seems to show a different artist's rendition.
 Lookin' a bit evil there Sonja...
Killing dudes in bars? Come on Sonja, the guys just want a beer...
Again, with the bikini... the wikipedia page has a whole section dedicated to it...
 Apparently the bikini stays on even during the dead of winter!
 Not sure what she has killed here, but this sure is different from the pictures guys take of the deer they've just shot.
She's got a lot of swords... look out guys, don't think she plays nice.
And we finish up with the sultry red head look going on.

All images, of course are copyright of their respective copyright holders, and are used with permission of Breygent Marketing.

This looks like it will be a great set for art card collectors and comic book readers. I'm sure Breygent will include autographed art cards from the original artists of these cards, as they typically do with their sets. For collectors comic book are, I'm sure these will be highly sought after. Overall, I can't wait to get my hands on this product, just for a chance to see what twists Breygent will throw into the set.

Tomorrow, I'll have another product preview for a set coming out soon from Breygent! Also, I'll soon hopefully have a link from the sidebar that will take you directly to a site for ordering Breygent's products. I'll let you know when this has been activated!

Let me know what you think! Would this be a product you might want to invest in? Do you read Red Sonja comic books? Seen the movie? What do you like about this set from what you've seen so far?

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  1. I'm not much for the comic art, though non-sport sets are a big part of my collection. I guess that's partly because I don't read comics. I haven't seen the movie, but even in movie-comic crossovers, I don't usually go back for comic issues. If I was into comic art, this set would be on my want list.

    I like Breygent's movie poster sets. I think I have them all - at least the base sets. Plus, I have/want the Wizard of Oz, Dexter, Ghost Whisperer, and Marilyn sets. Dexter's a top-notch set.

    Maybe Breygent will give you a couple awesome relic cards for giveaways, or maybe some boxes to break in review. You know what, I'm not sure I've ever looked for a non-sport card blog, but I guess I know what I want most of the time, if I'm aware it exists!