Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preview Post #2 - Breygent Marketing - Vampirella

Here we go with another preview post of an upcoming Breygent Marketing card product. Vampirella has been around in comic book form since 1969 and this card set is based on those comics. I won't beleaguer the point. You all came by the blog to see cards and cards of a hot female vampire.

Just a warning for you parents out there, these may be on the borderline of adult.

So, here we go:

 Just hanging out in this cave... what you up to?
 She might be in trouble thinks those are zombies coming after her...
 Well, looks like she escaped...
She can transform into a bat, but apparently she can't turn people into vampires... she also isn't affected by the sun...
This is some interesting artwork. Again, looks like different artists and I'm sure specific artists will do their sketch cards.
She's coming for you! Watch out!
 Vamp in the moonlight.
Looks like she's getting ready for a midnight snack.
Like Red Sonja, Vampirella's costume is iconic.
Wow, don't know who that dude is that she's with, but he looks like he could kick some butt. Then again, she seems to have the ability to take care of herself.

I'm sure each card will have some part of the Vampirella story on the back. I'm intrigued to learn more. Looks like another very cool set. This set should be released in March 2012. Eager anticipation, for sure!


  1. Ya know, the only thing I wished comic art cards had was a subset or insert set with some live models doing these characters. Maybe Breygent is watching - and if they do this, have you preview it so I know!

  2. I'm a reader of Vampirella do I am digging these cards. I'll def. be on the look out next year for them.