Monday, November 14, 2011

GROUP BREAK FILLED! 2nd Team Randomization

Alright, we filled up the last two slots today in the 3 hobby box 2011 Topps Chrome break! Here's the list of claimed teams and who has claimed them as well as payment status:
Royals - The Dimwit - PAID
Angels - Kyle4KC - PAID
Braves - Derek- PAID
Cardinals - IkesCards - PAID
Rays - Ben H. - PAID
Dodgers - Robert Mitchell - PAID
Diamondbacks - James - payment arranged
Giants - Jared - PAID
Mariners - aj245 - mailing payment
Nationals - Andrew - payment arranged
Phillies - Dan - PAID
Rangers - Play At The Plate - mailing payment
Red Sox - Matt Perry - PAID
White Sox - Jeff Laws - PAID
Yankees - NY Hitman 23 - PAID

However the randomization spits them out, they'll be added to the list:
So the pairings will be:

Royals & Twins - The Dimwit
Angels & Brewers - Kyle4KC
Braves & Marlins - Derek
Cardinals & Rockies- IkesCards
Rays & Indians- Ben H.
Dodgers & Cubs - Robert Mitchell
Diamondbacks & Padres - James
Giants & Blue Jays - Jared
Mariners & Mets- aj245
Nationals & Reds - Andrew
Phillies & Athletics - Dan - trade with PlayAtThePlate
Rangers & Astros - Play At The Plate - trade with Dan
Red Sox & Orioles - Matt Perry
White Sox & Tigers - Jeff Laws
Yankees & Pirates - NY Hitman 23

Everyone is eligible to trade their second teams if they like! Just leave comments below if you make a trade and let me know so I can update the teams.

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Sam, payment was sent to you this evening. thanks again!!

  2. Jared - Would you be willing to trade the Blue Jays for the Brewers?


  3. I could trade the Astros...Brian, do you want the other Texas team? I'll gladly take the ex-Philadelphia team in exchange.

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  5. I would like to trade for the Astros, Reds, or Tigers if possible. Ben H

  6. Dan, I'll take the Astros for the A's.