Monday, November 28, 2011

Contest Winners Are Announced!

Without further delay... here are the results:

For the Montana:

Congrats to The Diamond King!

For the Brady:

Congrats to Kazi!

For the Aikman:

Congrats to Play At The Plate!

I wish I had enough to give you all one of these cards, but alas I only have 3... hope you all enjoyed this little contest!

And keep an eye out soon for the next Group Break - 3 Boxes - 2011 Topps Chrome! Sign-ups to be posted soon (and randomly to give everyone a fair shot for the team or teams they want!).

In other news, I'll no longer be accepting through-the-mail payments for group breaks unless you provide Delivery Confirmation and you provide me that number once the money is mailed - also I will not mail your package until your payment has arrived. Sorry everyone, but it's gotta be done and as much as I'd love to blindly trust, USPS is not as reliable as it once was and I've been burned one too many times now. Hope that doesn't keep anyone from joining the breaks!

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