Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching Up After Thanksgiving!

Wow, you go out of town for 4 days and the whole world falls apart! I usually keep my inbox pretty clean, but since we got home about 2 hours ago I've steadily had to whittle down the e-mails to a manageable level! So, before I get started with some trade and purchase posts, I've got packages ready to go out to the following folks:

Andrew S.
Ted A.
Jason C.
Cam H.
David L.

These will be going out in the mail in the next day or two.

Next up, the contest for the football cards will be randomized tomorrow night. If you haven't gotten your entry in, you have about 25 hours to do so, as I'll cut off the entries at 6:00pm central.

Last order of business before I post some trades... I have had a lot of interest in another 3-box break of Topps Chrome Baseball. I'm going to verify the pricing from Atlanta Sports Cards and some time early this week I will get a sign-up posted. DO NOT SIGN UP NOW! I am leaving the sign-up posting date/time a mystery so that everyone has a fair shot at all teams and I will not claim a team until 14 slots are claimed, then I'll take the final slot and pick a team. Then I'll randomize the 15 remaining teams amongst all participants as usual.

Ok, with all that administrative business out of the way, want to see some cool cards!?!?!?!?!?

First up, I'm just going to say a thanks to Brian over at Play At The Plate. He sent me a bunch of cards from my Chrome need list. Unfortunately I put them in pages before I scanned them. My bad Brian! Thanks for another great trade!

Next up, I bought into a group case break of Topps Tier One over at Dover Cards not realizing exactly how under represented the Astros were in the break. Anyways, Erik was really nice and let me also buy two additional cards from additional unclaimed case break Astros lots, so I ended up with these three autos:
The second Chris Johnson is /25, which is pretty cool... Wallace and Johnson were the only two Astros in the product, so I'm glad I snagged these three cards at a great overall price considering the cost of the boxes/packs/cards! Thanks Erik!

Finally, Ted from Crinkly Wrappers sent over some cards to complete a previous trade which I couldn't even remember, so if nothing else these are karma cards and I'm very appreciative. A bunch of cards to knock out base needs, plus these three beauts!
That's my first Nolan Triple Threads card! And the Wallace rookie is nice. I just REALLY hope Wallace starts hitting this year... it's going to really upset me if they end up cutting or trading him and I have all these great RC and autographs! Thanks Ted!

Have a great week everyone, good luck to all participants in the contest tomorrow!

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  1. No sweat. Nobody needed to see those base chromies anyway! Go ahead and pre-sign me up for the Braves.