Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 9 of 24

Hey everyone, a quick update on the Gypsy Queen group break... there are only 14 teams remaining: Reds, Cubs, Tigers, Rays, Mets, Twins, Marlins (all $17) and then the White Sox, A's, D'backs, Padres, Rockies, Royals, Angels and Blue Jays (all $10). Let's get these filled so I can get these boxes ordered. I have given up my beloved Astros and taken the Yankees. If someone else really wants the Yankees ($25), I'll switch again to one of the unclaimed teams. Since I'm collecting the set and the mini's, I don't really care which team I end up with!

Here's today's pack of 2011 Topps Chrome, base first:
Three pitchers of varying level of talent & experience. Feliz had the Rangers a strike away from a WS title, SO CLOSE! Shields has been solid starter in the league for a few years now and Luebke, I don't know much about but I've seen a lot of his cards lately. Hopefully he's a mainstay for the Padres for a while.
You can't really tell from this scan, but that's a base refractor of Brian "The Beard" Wilson. Sorry Cards fans but Wilson's is so much more epic than Motte's, however Motte's is a bit more respectable since it looks like his natural color. Anyways, enough about beards, have a great day!

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