Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 24 of 24 - THE FINAL PACK!... and some random stuff...

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Only 6 more days until we collectively NOM NOM NOM on some Thanksgiving treats... for those who have followed through the entire box of 24 packs, I admire your bravery... so for the last time on my personal box of 2011 Topps Chrome, here's the base:
These scanned well, Miggy, Dominic and some dude named Pedro... three more cards I needed. I am only 8 cards from the complete set. Amazingly, I didn't pull any of those 8 from the current group break... very odd...

And if you've been watching along this whole time, you know that I have only revealed one auto thus far. I posted these packs in the EXACT order in which I opened them, so as I got to the end of the box, I was worrying about having been shorted a hit... but alas, Topps comes through as promised. Although it's a redemption, it's not a bad one to get! It shows on the site that it's already shipped and I was hoping to have it in hand by the time I posted this but it wasn't meant to be...
Thanks to all who have continued to read these posts. I hope I didn't make them too boring. Please, let me know if you liked this little experiment or not. It helped me focus on writing something every day, which was a good kick in the butt. But if it only bored your readers or cluttered up your RSS feed readers, let me know...

Onto a trade! I got some cards in the mail in the last couple of days... and in all honesty this first one is really a contest winning, as The Card Hobbyist held a big contest in October that involved merely answering questions he asked on each of his posts, each one got you an entry and he gave away a BUNCH of cards! Here's what I ended up with!
 Two (eventually) HOF 2B. Sandberg and Biggio are often compared, and well it's my contention that Biggio was a better overall player over the course of his career. But making such a comparison is like comparing a red Lamborghini to a yellow Lamborghini.
And a Ryan Garko jersey relic. Instant trade bait! I honestly am not familiar with this guy, so I don't really expect a huge trade offer... any Indians fans willing to swap me a no-name Astros jersey card for this? Deal!

Ok, so here's the trade I've got... from my buddy Mr. Napkin Doon. We swapped a bunch of cards from want lists. He sent me about 10 Topps Chrome cards, but the highlight of the deal was a stack of these beauties:
Oh Gypsy Queen, how I love you... let me count the ways... 1,942 ways, yea I'll save you all the trouble of listing them all, but I love this set and I love these mini's... and I NEED MORE to complete my mini set, so if anyone is sitting on a huge stack of GQ mini's and has any desire to trade them away, please let me know, I'm always game for a deal!!!!

Alright, the third box of the 2011 Topps Chrome group break will be posted tonight! Hope everyone enjoyed box number two!!!

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