Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 23 of 24

Hey everyone, I hope that all of you in the group break enjoyed the first box last night, the second box will be posted tonight!

Here we are with Pack #23 of my personal box of 2011 Chrome that I've been busting... after this, only one more post for my Pack A Day posts. I'm going to miss posting these every morning...

Here are the base!
Two solid young pitchers and a quality 2B/Utility guy. Pineda is interesting, it'll be fun to watch if he can match this year's success. The Mariners may have the start of a quality rotation, as long as they can find a way to lock Felix down to a long term deal.

Here's my refractor for the day, and boy is it awesome!!!!!
 Yea, that's a sepia refractor of Jose Bautista... and what's even better...
It's an "eBay one-of-one"!!!! The last one off the production line, #99 of 99!!!! SWEET!!!!!

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