Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 21 of 24

Good morning everyone. For those of you in the group break, the randomization was done last night, check it out in case you missed it. There are participants looking to swap their second teams, so check out the comment section to see if someone is interested in your team! I'll get the boxes ordered today and hopefully have them in hand by Friday to start busting!

Today's pack is awesome... here's the base:
 The first pack with two horizontal photos... gotta love that Kinsler photo, great job Topps. The two RC, I haven't really heard of either one of them.

And now for the refractor!!!! Blue /99 good-ness! Sweet cards of the possible Cy Young Award winner (although I think Halladay gets it because of the East Coast bias and because he was on a winning team overall, not right or fair, but I think that's how it'll play out). Anyways, AWESOME looking refractor.
After not actively collecting Topps Chrome ever before, I've decided I'm a huge fan of the colored parallels. I haven't seen a red or superfractor in person but I'm sure they are awesome!

Have a great day everyone!