Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 20 of 24

Happy Monday everyone... I hate Mondays... on Monday, I perpetually have a case of the Mondays... well, here to start the week off right, the first of the last 5 packs! I've really enjoyed sharing the box this way, and I hope you all haven't gotten too bored with it. I may do this with future boxes from time to time... oh, and seriously people, I just need two more of you to join this group break so I can get the boxes ordered and on their way from Atlanta Sports Cards! Two people! COME ON MAN! LOTS of good teams left!

Here are today's base cards:
 Everyone swingin' a bat! Molina, Hudson and Young... good photography at least...
And a Jose Bautista base refractor... just sayin' this won't be the last refractor you see of Joey Bats... all you Jays fans who read my blog (I think there are two of you) will be excited... ;)

Hope everyone's Monday is better than mine, and I hope mine is awesome!

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