Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 12 of 24 and one heck of a trade night...

Well, we're half way through the box! Here's today's base cards:
Two rookies of note, one because he's an up-and-coming prospect for the Braves and the other because he's an Astro with a weird name... and F-Gut... yea, that's what I'll call him... haha...

And now for the Chrome Heritage insert I've now opened 3 of...
I pulled on in my group break and now two on my own... he haunts me...

Alright, last night was trade night at BigHitSportsCards, my local card shop. Had a great night, made some trades, picked up some packs, won a trivia question and ended up with some great cards... here's the highlights from the night:
 That Tulo is #25/50 and the Bucky "Bleepin'" Dent is 18/75. Not bad. I got a box of Masterpieces by trading some cards... I was ok with the parallels, but a little disappointed in the hits...
 Not too shabby... that Wright character, I tell you, he haunts me...
 Will Clark, Jason Bay and Chris Carpenter... could definitely be worse...
 Speaking of worse... who the hell is Justin Hampson... is he YOUR local State Farm rep now-a-days?
 I don't know much about Peguero... seems to have some decent power, hopefully this card improves in value... well, the Darwin Barney card is cool as far as signatures go, but then again he's a Cub and as an Astros fan I just can't be excited about this card...
 The shop had these on sale for $2 a piece. I couldn't pass them up as I have a Twins collector who might be interested and well, a 10 Mint on a Ken Griffy RC? I couldn't pass it up. These are 2 of the now 3 graded cards I own. As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of graded cards.
Finally, I made a trade with a collector (and reader of this blog) James who wanted to part with this one because he's a Cardinals fan and this card is numbered /666. Really, Topps, you gotta number cards out of /666? You're really going to get the Cubs fans even more paranoid!!! Haha!! I picked this card up as trade bait, so if you've got a sweet Astros card to trade, let me know!

Finally, I have a through the mail trade with Jared, also known as Ishimoto. He's a Giants collector from Hawaii! I sent him a couple of Gypsy Queen autographs of Pedro Sandoval and Andres Torres and he shot me back these Astros cards:
I already had that first one, but it was a plain white swatch, I am ALWAYS on the look-out for the 80's Astros bright orange swatches! Next are two cards from a set I know very little about, Topps Fan Favorites. The auto is just awesome and then the last card is a refractor version numbered out of /299! He also sent a long a handful of Nolan Ryan and other Astros cards! Thanks Jared!

Have a great Sunday everyone! Go Texans!!!!


  1. If it's available, I'm interested in the Tulo.

  2. if only you had a place to send those wrights...

  3. hmmmm, I know a Twins collector that already has that Morneau card :(

  4. If it's available I'd be interested in that Darwin Barney. I'll see what Astros cards I have.

    Cardboard Heaven

  5. Beautiful Scott cards, nice pickups!

  6. I'm catching up on my comments after a long weekend away. Nice pickups Sam.

  7. I want that Castro!!! I'll put something together for you and get back in touch when I do.