Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Group Break - Box #3

The final box was the best (by far) although I still call shenanigans... you'll see why in the scans...

We'll start with the base refractors:

A nice selection of guys, the Strasburger makes another appearance...

And not for the numbered parallels
 Very nice /99 Kimbrel and the Cubs pick up a /225 Soriano!

Here are the "vintage" inserts...

Followed up with the Heritage Chrome inserts  (with the aforementioned shenanigans):
Oh yea, that last one is another Teixeira... that's 4 copies of the same card! 2 were regular /1962, one is black border /62 and then this one is the refractor /562. Really Topps? What kind of bogus collation is this!?!?!?

Finally, the autos... man, Derek you are a lucky man!
Wow, 2 of those Kimbrel's have sold on eBay, both topping $100. A nice auto for Brian, another Ogano (which I think he already has a copy or two of). Anyways, 6 autos went to 6 different teams in this break, although Robert had both the Dodgers and Cubs so he got two of those autos.

I hoped everyone enjoyed the break. I am considering doing another break just like this one, 3 boxes, $13 shipped. Let me know if you'd be interested!


  1. i agree with what you say about that whack amount of texiera cards. i'm seeing them on the bay also. is that guy in every other pack or what?
    as for another break...definitely, count me in. i was sorry the GQ break didnt work out. maybe we can get one box of those?

  2. I'd be in for another group break too!

  3. LOVED the reaction when he pulled the 4th Teixeira...

    count me in for another break...

    thanks again Sam..

  4. Looks like the Redbirds were shut out! We're in for another group break though.

  5. HOLY SHIT!!

    I'm so pumped!

    And, of course, you can go ahead and put me down for another break. No way the luck is as good but Chrome is my favorite.

    Thanks so much!!
    If you don't mind me asking what is the number, I know its out of 50, but I'm just curious.

  6. You know I'm down for another break. I need the Ogando Gold auto :)

  7. What kinda bummed about all the doubles but that's just the way it goes. This was my first group break and I'll be down for another soon I'm sure. Thanks for the break.