Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - Group Break - Box #1

First of all, a big thanks, as always to Atlanta Sports Cards! Thanks for sponsoring the break...

Here's the video first:

And for those who want to see the pictures of the refractors, inserts and hits.... check out after the page break!

First of all the refractors and inserts!
 We got two Atomic refractors numbered /225... Bay and Zimm, not bad for star power...
 A Jason Worth Sepia out of /99. Awesome for Andrew!
 A nice selection of Chrome inserts including a rare black border /62. Teixeira, that theme will continue, just wait...
 The "vintage" inserts, again a nice assortment of stars!
 Here we have the unnumbered base refractors.
And our two hits from the box! DeJesus and Noesi! Dodgers and Yanks rule the box!

Box two will be presented tomorrow with box three on Friday!


  1. The Rangers were well represented with two multiple Ranger packs and 3 refractors. I traded the A's and their one card for the Astros and their zero cards so that's a wash. I think I had the Nats last time as my second break too soon!

  2. For some reason the video stops at 6:30-something for me, won't play beyond that :(

  3. I know you took the Royals out of pity, so if you want to trade that hosmer refractor for the Conger refractor, I don't mind. ; )