Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BREAK FULL -Want another Group Break? 3 More Boxes of 2011 Topps Chrome

How does 3 hobby boxes of 2011 Topps Chrome sound? It'll be two-team per slot break and thanks to the good friends over at Atlanta Sports Cards, it'll only come out to $14 per person shipped!!! For two teams!!!! Alright, I'm not claiming a team this time until after 14 slots have been claimed. First 15 teams claimed will be set, then the remaining 15 will be randomized off. And to settle this before it becomes an issue, if we pull another Team USA Auto 5-card redemption pack, those cards will be randomized off amongst those participants who do not get a hit.

Send your $14 payment to PayPal address: - Please send as payment for goods so that it includes your shipping address. This makes it much easier for me to ship your cards later! PLEASE DO NOT SEND AS GIFT. If you must pay through the mail, I ask that you arrange this with me ahead of time via e-mail, and provide delivery confirmation info upon shipment.

Unfortunately, the postage costs/supplies bit me on the last break, so I had to add a buck per slot on this break, additionally I will lose some money on the PayPal transaction fees.

If you want a second, third (or more) slot, it'll only be $11 per slot beyond the first slot.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Here's the sign up list:
Blue Jays - TheDimwit
Royals - Andrew - PAID
Angels - Ikes Cards - PAID
Braves - Derek - PAID
Cardinals - IkesCards - PAID
Cubs NY Hitman23 - PAID
Rays - Kyle4KC - PAID
Dodgers- Speigel83
Giants - Kyle4KC - PAID
Mariners - Andrew - PAID
Phillies - Potch - PAID
Rangers - PlayAtThePlate
Red Sox
Reds - FanOfReds- PAID
Twins - Andrew - PAID
White Sox
Yankees - Derek - PAID

2011 Topps Chrome - 2nd Set

So after completing my base set, I realized I'm only a handful of cards from a second complete set. So basically I'm done buying blasters and packs of this product but want to see if I can complete the second set in order to make some $$$ off all the cards I've bought... anyways, here's what else I need:


I've still got PLENTY of 2011 Chrome to trade in return if you have a want list as well. Thanks everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Contest Winners Are Announced!

Without further delay... here are the results:

For the Montana:

Congrats to The Diamond King!

For the Brady:

Congrats to Kazi!

For the Aikman:

Congrats to Play At The Plate!

I wish I had enough to give you all one of these cards, but alas I only have 3... hope you all enjoyed this little contest!

And keep an eye out soon for the next Group Break - 3 Boxes - 2011 Topps Chrome! Sign-ups to be posted soon (and randomly to give everyone a fair shot for the team or teams they want!).

In other news, I'll no longer be accepting through-the-mail payments for group breaks unless you provide Delivery Confirmation and you provide me that number once the money is mailed - also I will not mail your package until your payment has arrived. Sorry everyone, but it's gotta be done and as much as I'd love to blindly trust, USPS is not as reliable as it once was and I've been burned one too many times now. Hope that doesn't keep anyone from joining the breaks!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching Up After Thanksgiving!

Wow, you go out of town for 4 days and the whole world falls apart! I usually keep my inbox pretty clean, but since we got home about 2 hours ago I've steadily had to whittle down the e-mails to a manageable level! So, before I get started with some trade and purchase posts, I've got packages ready to go out to the following folks:

Andrew S.
Ted A.
Jason C.
Cam H.
David L.

These will be going out in the mail in the next day or two.

Next up, the contest for the football cards will be randomized tomorrow night. If you haven't gotten your entry in, you have about 25 hours to do so, as I'll cut off the entries at 6:00pm central.

Last order of business before I post some trades... I have had a lot of interest in another 3-box break of Topps Chrome Baseball. I'm going to verify the pricing from Atlanta Sports Cards and some time early this week I will get a sign-up posted. DO NOT SIGN UP NOW! I am leaving the sign-up posting date/time a mystery so that everyone has a fair shot at all teams and I will not claim a team until 14 slots are claimed, then I'll take the final slot and pick a team. Then I'll randomize the 15 remaining teams amongst all participants as usual.

Ok, with all that administrative business out of the way, want to see some cool cards!?!?!?!?!?

First up, I'm just going to say a thanks to Brian over at Play At The Plate. He sent me a bunch of cards from my Chrome need list. Unfortunately I put them in pages before I scanned them. My bad Brian! Thanks for another great trade!

Next up, I bought into a group case break of Topps Tier One over at Dover Cards not realizing exactly how under represented the Astros were in the break. Anyways, Erik was really nice and let me also buy two additional cards from additional unclaimed case break Astros lots, so I ended up with these three autos:
The second Chris Johnson is /25, which is pretty cool... Wallace and Johnson were the only two Astros in the product, so I'm glad I snagged these three cards at a great overall price considering the cost of the boxes/packs/cards! Thanks Erik!

Finally, Ted from Crinkly Wrappers sent over some cards to complete a previous trade which I couldn't even remember, so if nothing else these are karma cards and I'm very appreciative. A bunch of cards to knock out base needs, plus these three beauts!
That's my first Nolan Triple Threads card! And the Wallace rookie is nice. I just REALLY hope Wallace starts hitting this year... it's going to really upset me if they end up cutting or trading him and I have all these great RC and autographs! Thanks Ted!

Have a great week everyone, good luck to all participants in the contest tomorrow!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Contest Update - Extended

For those anxiously awaiting the contest results, well I did a rather dimwitted thing and scheduled the contest to end while I was out of town. So, I'm extending the end of the contest to Monday night. So if you haven't entered, get on over here and enter!

Monday, November 21, 2011


So I decided to scan in all my trade bait cards hoping that if you all see these magnificent pieces of cardboard you will be enticed to want them even more! .... Enjoy... e-mail me or comment below with any questions you may have about specific cards...

 Sheffield, Konerko, Fielder, Byrd, Fielder, Youkilis, Fielder, Castro
Perry - TRADED, Tejada, Jenks, Nolasco, Lowell, Francour, Posada, Figgins
Felix, Felix, Perry, Church, Pudge, D. Young, Lipkin, Crawford
Anderson, Danks, Doumit, Hunter, Roberts, Ashburn, Fisk - TRADED, Berra

Bonderman, Lidge, Lee, Giles, Beckett, Blalock, Peavy, Harden
Kojima, Hunter, Carpenter - TRADED, Lee, Clark - TRADED, Bay, Berroa, Figgins
Doeer, Garko, Fred Lewis, Titus Young
Lee, Joe Morgan, Mourning, Hunter, Sexson, Green, Hermida, Konerko
Buhner, Trammel, Perry, Cunningham, Martis, Gamel, Johnson, Morgan, Salas
Tabata, Kouzminoff, Petersen, LaRoche, Kouzminoff, Owings, Hill, Hampson, Lowry
Smith, Reardon, Assenmacher, Williams, Plesac, Brunansky, Choice, Bleiler
Rodney, Morton, Harris, Cain, Cecil, Torres, Robinson, Nolasco, Cruz - TRADED
Nunez, Crow, Crow, McGee, Peguero, Cobb, Drabek - TRADED, Pineda, Pineda
Reynolds - TRADED, Carpenter, Conger, Rainville - TRADED, Taillon, Nickeas

And all you football fans, don't forget to go check out my contest!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are you ready for some... football? CONTEST POST!!!!

Football cards on a baseball card blog?!?!?! This can only mean one thing: CONTEST TIME!!!!

My LCS owner Nathan over at BigHitsSportscards gave me a few cards to give away. So before this goes any further, head over to their eBay shop and look around... no, really, go check it out... see if there's something you just have to have. They have some great cards!

Alright, so here is what I'm giving away:

I want to give these away to three separate people, and I want them to be valued by those who receive them. So here's what I'm going to do. You get 1 comment. In that comment, explain which ONE of these cards you want, and why you are a fan of that player. For each of these players, I'll take those who commented and randomize those entries. I will give these cards away on Friday, so you have all week to leave a comment! Anyone who wants to pimp this contest, if you win, I'll also throw in a card from your favorite baseball team!

Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Group Break - Box #3

The final box was the best (by far) although I still call shenanigans... you'll see why in the scans...

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 24 of 24 - THE FINAL PACK!... and some random stuff...

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Only 6 more days until we collectively NOM NOM NOM on some Thanksgiving treats... for those who have followed through the entire box of 24 packs, I admire your bravery... so for the last time on my personal box of 2011 Topps Chrome, here's the base:
These scanned well, Miggy, Dominic and some dude named Pedro... three more cards I needed. I am only 8 cards from the complete set. Amazingly, I didn't pull any of those 8 from the current group break... very odd...

And if you've been watching along this whole time, you know that I have only revealed one auto thus far. I posted these packs in the EXACT order in which I opened them, so as I got to the end of the box, I was worrying about having been shorted a hit... but alas, Topps comes through as promised. Although it's a redemption, it's not a bad one to get! It shows on the site that it's already shipped and I was hoping to have it in hand by the time I posted this but it wasn't meant to be...
Thanks to all who have continued to read these posts. I hope I didn't make them too boring. Please, let me know if you liked this little experiment or not. It helped me focus on writing something every day, which was a good kick in the butt. But if it only bored your readers or cluttered up your RSS feed readers, let me know...

Onto a trade! I got some cards in the mail in the last couple of days... and in all honesty this first one is really a contest winning, as The Card Hobbyist held a big contest in October that involved merely answering questions he asked on each of his posts, each one got you an entry and he gave away a BUNCH of cards! Here's what I ended up with!
 Two (eventually) HOF 2B. Sandberg and Biggio are often compared, and well it's my contention that Biggio was a better overall player over the course of his career. But making such a comparison is like comparing a red Lamborghini to a yellow Lamborghini.
And a Ryan Garko jersey relic. Instant trade bait! I honestly am not familiar with this guy, so I don't really expect a huge trade offer... any Indians fans willing to swap me a no-name Astros jersey card for this? Deal!

Ok, so here's the trade I've got... from my buddy Mr. Napkin Doon. We swapped a bunch of cards from want lists. He sent me about 10 Topps Chrome cards, but the highlight of the deal was a stack of these beauties:
Oh Gypsy Queen, how I love you... let me count the ways... 1,942 ways, yea I'll save you all the trouble of listing them all, but I love this set and I love these mini's... and I NEED MORE to complete my mini set, so if anyone is sitting on a huge stack of GQ mini's and has any desire to trade them away, please let me know, I'm always game for a deal!!!!

Alright, the third box of the 2011 Topps Chrome group break will be posted tonight! Hope everyone enjoyed box number two!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Group Break - Box #2

Here you go everyone, the video of the 2nd box from the group break...I'll save my snarky comments until after the page break...

Check out the scanned images after the page break... Click on the words "Read More" to see the scans...

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 23 of 24

Hey everyone, I hope that all of you in the group break enjoyed the first box last night, the second box will be posted tonight!

Here we are with Pack #23 of my personal box of 2011 Chrome that I've been busting... after this, only one more post for my Pack A Day posts. I'm going to miss posting these every morning...

Here are the base!
Two solid young pitchers and a quality 2B/Utility guy. Pineda is interesting, it'll be fun to watch if he can match this year's success. The Mariners may have the start of a quality rotation, as long as they can find a way to lock Felix down to a long term deal.

Here's my refractor for the day, and boy is it awesome!!!!!
 Yea, that's a sepia refractor of Jose Bautista... and what's even better...
It's an "eBay one-of-one"!!!! The last one off the production line, #99 of 99!!!! SWEET!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - Group Break - Box #1

First of all, a big thanks, as always to Atlanta Sports Cards! Thanks for sponsoring the break...

Here's the video first:

And for those who want to see the pictures of the refractors, inserts and hits.... check out after the page break!

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 22 of 24 - and some trades!

Today I've added a couple trades to the end of this post, mainly because this is a pack of base, yep, here you go, 4 base cards:
Not bad cards, needed them all... and honestly since I'm building the set I'm happier getting these 4 rather than 3 and a refractor that I'll just go in a box!

Alright, first up is reader Jeff... we exchanged some base and mini's for my continued march towards a complete 2011 Gypsy Queen mini set (PLEASE, if you have a bunch of GQ mini's sitting around, let me know, I'll trade for them!!!!!)
Thanks Jeff!

Next up is Cam over at Cardboard Heaven, he wanted the Darwin Barney Chrome auto that I pulled and while he didn't have an Astros auto to trade for it, I got the next best thing, a Rangers auto! And a GQ one at that! He sent along some random Astros, as I sent over some random Brewers...
The Nelson Cruz is going in the Trade Bait folder, but don't be mistaken, it may be hard to get this out of my hands. I am a big fan of Cruz and think he's on his way to superstar status. Always love to get a card of The Big Unit as an Astro, not too many out there since he was only here about half a season. What a crazy ride that season was, if only we could have made some noise in the playoffs. Thanks Cam!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preview Post #2 - Breygent Marketing - Vampirella

Here we go with another preview post of an upcoming Breygent Marketing card product. Vampirella has been around in comic book form since 1969 and this card set is based on those comics. I won't beleaguer the point. You all came by the blog to see cards and cards of a hot female vampire.

Just a warning for you parents out there, these may be on the borderline of adult.

So, here we go:

 Just hanging out in this cave... what you up to?
 She might be in trouble thinks those are zombies coming after her...
 Well, looks like she escaped...
She can transform into a bat, but apparently she can't turn people into vampires... she also isn't affected by the sun...
This is some interesting artwork. Again, looks like different artists and I'm sure specific artists will do their sketch cards.
She's coming for you! Watch out!
 Vamp in the moonlight.
Looks like she's getting ready for a midnight snack.
Like Red Sonja, Vampirella's costume is iconic.
Wow, don't know who that dude is that she's with, but he looks like he could kick some butt. Then again, she seems to have the ability to take care of herself.

I'm sure each card will have some part of the Vampirella story on the back. I'm intrigued to learn more. Looks like another very cool set. This set should be released in March 2012. Eager anticipation, for sure!

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 21 of 24

Good morning everyone. For those of you in the group break, the randomization was done last night, check it out in case you missed it. There are participants looking to swap their second teams, so check out the comment section to see if someone is interested in your team! I'll get the boxes ordered today and hopefully have them in hand by Friday to start busting!

Today's pack is awesome... here's the base:
 The first pack with two horizontal photos... gotta love that Kinsler photo, great job Topps. The two RC, I haven't really heard of either one of them.

And now for the refractor!!!! Blue /99 good-ness! Sweet cards of the possible Cy Young Award winner (although I think Halladay gets it because of the East Coast bias and because he was on a winning team overall, not right or fair, but I think that's how it'll play out). Anyways, AWESOME looking refractor.
After not actively collecting Topps Chrome ever before, I've decided I'm a huge fan of the colored parallels. I haven't seen a red or superfractor in person but I'm sure they are awesome!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Preview Post - Breygent Marketing - New Sponsor

Some of you all may have noticed that I have picked up a new sponsor in the side bar of the blog. I'd like to thank and welcome Breygent Marketing to the confines of The Daily Dimwit!

Breygent produces a wide variety of entertainment, television and movie related card products. Previous sets include Sci-Fi & Horror Movie posters, The Wizard of Oz, multiple seasons of Dexter and Ghost Whisperer, and even a special set for Marilyn Monroe. My wife has collect two sets of their vintage movie poster sets and is quite impressed with both the sets and the quality of the production.

Breygent has two sets that they are getting ready to release in the next few months. First up is the February release of the new Red Sonja, based on the comic book series of the same name. Here are some promotional shots of the new cards:

Ok, so I'll admit I don't know much about Red Sonja, other than there being a movie in 1985 that had the Govenator in it. But apparently she's been around since the 30's as part of the Conan The Barbarian comic book series.
In full beast mode, ready to kill all she sees...
 I do like the art work. Each promo shot seems to show a different artist's rendition.
 Lookin' a bit evil there Sonja...
Killing dudes in bars? Come on Sonja, the guys just want a beer...
Again, with the bikini... the wikipedia page has a whole section dedicated to it...
 Apparently the bikini stays on even during the dead of winter!
 Not sure what she has killed here, but this sure is different from the pictures guys take of the deer they've just shot.
She's got a lot of swords... look out guys, don't think she plays nice.
And we finish up with the sultry red head look going on.

All images, of course are copyright of their respective copyright holders, and are used with permission of Breygent Marketing.

This looks like it will be a great set for art card collectors and comic book readers. I'm sure Breygent will include autographed art cards from the original artists of these cards, as they typically do with their sets. For collectors comic book are, I'm sure these will be highly sought after. Overall, I can't wait to get my hands on this product, just for a chance to see what twists Breygent will throw into the set.

Tomorrow, I'll have another product preview for a set coming out soon from Breygent! Also, I'll soon hopefully have a link from the sidebar that will take you directly to a site for ordering Breygent's products. I'll let you know when this has been activated!

Let me know what you think! Would this be a product you might want to invest in? Do you read Red Sonja comic books? Seen the movie? What do you like about this set from what you've seen so far?