Monday, October 17, 2011

So The Group Break Begins!!!! 1st Box!

Since I only got one vote... 2011 Topps Chrome it is! Here's the video, I'll put a "page break" in after the video, then the scans with all the inserts and hits... we'll have a bit of a conundrum at the end and I need EVERYONE in the break to vote on how to sort this out so please scroll all the way down and vote...

Alright, first we have the Heritage Chrome inserts... the Cousins and Conger are refractors... and the Atomic Refractor of Mike Nickeas of the Mets...
Next up, the 1996 "vintage" inserts... I'm not a huge fan of this insert, but I'm sure Matt Perry will be happy!
And then we have the base refractors. A good mix of teams...
Then we have the hits! Brian and Matt Pederson, congrats! The Alexi Ogando is numbered 41/199 and the Barney is 431/499.
Finally, we have the conundrum I mentioned at the beginning:
I really didn't expect to pull one of these, so I didn't make a plan... Sorry guys... Now, this has been publicized widely, this is not for a complete SET of the Collegiate National Team, but rather only a subset of 5 random cards. So, I see three resolutions here:
1) Randomize this one redemption among all teams in the break
2) Randomize this one redemption among all teams who do not get hits in the break.
3) Me, the Dimwit, redeem this card, wait for the 5 cards to get here, and then randomize the 5 cards (one each) among all 15 participants.
4)  Me, the Dimwit, redeem this card, wait for the 5 cards to get here, and then randomize the 5 cards (one each) among participants not getting a "hit".

Please vote by leaving a comment or e-mail me if you don't feel comfortable voting in the comments. I'd like to have this resolved before I post the next box tomorrow. But please respond with whatever YOU BELIEVE IS FAIR. If the deciding vote comes down to either 1 or 4 and it's a tie, I'll cast the deciding vote. Since I know who does and doesn't get hits at this point, it's not ethical for me to vote for or against option 2 or 4 so I'll abstain for now.


  1. 4 - I realize its more work for you dealing with the redemption and randomizing, but I think its cool when as many people as possible get hits in a break.

  2. I would actually suggest an alternative, sort of. I would opt for either option 3 or 4, but I would use a different list. Since some people are rookie/prospect chasers and some aren't, I would ask if people are even interested in them in the first place. If you're not interested in guys who may or may not even make the majors, you could excuse yourself from the lotto. I would think the only thing worse than not getting them and really wanting them, would be if they went to someone who wasn't really interested in them in the first place. A bunch if autos from people you dont care about aren't really that appealing to some people. Just a thought. Either 3 or 4 seems acceptable however.

  3. #4...I think is the fairest for those who don't get any hits..

  4. I'm going to be a jerk and say 3, but add in that I like Matt's idea of letting people opt out. (Though I bet that people want the autographs for trade bait anyway.)

  5. Honestly, if I got one, I would just flip it on ebay to get some Paypal credit, plus I already have an AWESOME Cubs auto, so I say let's redeem them and get them out to people who don't get a hit.

  6. I'll take myself out of the running and just go with the majority since I got the Ogando auto.

  7. I'll say #4. The only thing I have reservations about is that you are going to be paying 8 or 10 bucks out of your pocket to send 5 cards out.

  8. I pick #4. That way most people should get a hit.