Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The New and Improved Group Break - Hobby Lineage & Chrome

Well everyone, I'll chalk up the Bowman Platinum as a learning experience! I consulted with quite a few of my fellow bloggers and well, I came up with a better break! We're going to bust 2 hobby boxes of Topps Lineage and 2 hobby boxes of 2011 Topps Chrome! This will be at least 10 hits, if not more should I find some blasters to throw in as well. This will be a two team-er! You'll get 2 teams (one picked by you, the other by the great technological marvel known as RANDOM.ORG!) all for only $20 per slot! I'm going to be claiming the Astros of course, so go ahead and leave a comment with the team you would like to claim! First come, first serve! Leave a comment with the team you'd like to select. If you'd like to claim a second team, it's only $18 for each team after the first.

Once I get to 15 slots sold, I'll randomize the remaining teams! Send $20 to paypal address samuelpair(at) - please send as gift, don't include any other info, as apparently paypal is cracking down on gifts lately. Thanks everyone!

1) Astros - The Dimwit - Paid
2) Cubs - Matt Pederson - Paid
3) Red Sox - Matt Perry - Paid
4) Braves - Chris Mays - Paid
5) Giants - Jared - Paid
6) Phillies - daddyohoho - Paid
7) Yankees - Ryan G - Paid
8) Mets - ...Joe - Paid
9) Dodgers - Speigel83 - Paid
10) Rangers - PlayAtThePlate - Payment in the mail
11) Orioles - Ryan H - Paid
12) Cardinals - IkesCards - Paid
13) Indians - Jason - Paid
14) Blue Jays - Robert M. - Paid
15) Diamondbacks - Nathan - Payment arranged.
Break is closed. Randomization tonight. Payment due by noon tomorrow please!


  1. Count me in for the BoSox :)

  2. Hey man! I just sent you money for the Braves.

  3. I'm down for the astr... wait, the brav... um, gia.. okay, Yankees it is. Money shall be sent soon!

  4. I'll take the Dodgers in this one. Thanks!

  5. I wish you'd have given those who had already paid for the last one first crack here. I will try again next time.

  6. Count me in for the Orioles. I'm sending payment now.

  7. Indians please. I will send paypal in morning. Thanks

  8. Blue Jays please..payment to be made tomorrow