Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Well folks... I've gotten the itch again. Time for another Dimwit Group Break, this one sponsored by Atlanta Sports Cards! This time I am just about out of Upper Deck products to bust so I will go back just 1 year for a 6-box case of 2010 Bowman Platinum. It has a GREAT autograph checklist and this will allow for at least 24 hits as each box guarantees 3 plus a late addition redemption program. There will be 24 slots with some teams grouped to try and guarantee sales of those teams. All Collegiate National Team cards will be given to the team who the player CURRENTLY (as of the day of the break) plays for, I will use and to verify team designations. If the player is out of baseball then the card will be randomized among all teams. Cards with multiple players will be randomized among the teams on the card.

There will be a total of 24 hits from the boxes. Additionally, provided that there is a complete 100-card base set available beyond everyone getting a team set of their slot team(s), I will pull a complete set and randomize that off amongst all participants (EXCLUDING MYSELF).

If any SLOT happens to not get a hit AND you did not get the complete set, I will provide a list of QUALITY hits from my personal collection to select a hit from. You WILL get a hit from this break, I personally guarantee it!

Big name autos in this product: Jesus Montero, Strasburg, Heyward, Trout, Ackley, Drabek, Chapman, Howard and tons more... here is a full checklist.

Each slot will be $20, any additional slots will be $18 each:
Atlanta - Claimed and paid by Derek
Cleveland - Claimed and paid by Jason
Houston - Claimed and paid by The Dimwit
Chicago Cubs & White Sox - Claimed and payment arranged by Matt Pederson
Kansas City/Oakland/Angels
Florida - Claimed and payment arranged by WickedOrtega
Los Angeles Dodgers - Claimed and paid by Spiegel83
New York Yankees - Claimed and paid by Jared
New York Mets
Philadelphia - Claimed and paid by daddyoho
San Diego/San Fransisco - Claimed and payment arranged by Matt Pederson
St. Louis - Claimed and paid by IkesCards
Washington - Claimed and paid by daddyoho

Payment can be sent to samuelpair(at) via Paypal; please leave me your mailing address in the comments within Paypal. If you need to pay via snail mail please contact me via e-mail and we can make arrangements. Leave a comment on this post to claim your team. First come first serve. If I do not have your payment or have arrangements made within a week of you claiming your team, I will re-open the team to others who may be interested. Thanks everyone!


  1. Can I please have the Phil's and the Nat's.



  2. I'll pick the Dodgers,please. I will send payment on Friday.

  3. Put me down for the Padres/Giants, with the same payment arrangements.

  4. I'll take the Indians please. Sending payment momentarily. Thanks