Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gypsy Queen Group Break - 2 Boxes

Ok, so the sign ups for the Gypsy Queen case break are going pretty much exactly like I thought they would, non-existent. I'm not upset, I just know that each team is quite a hefty chunk of cash and I certainly don't blame anyone for shying away.

Here's what I propose instead... how about just a 2 Hobby Box break? I've broken the teams into three tiers to simplify pricing. Same as before, no need to pay right now, just claim your team. Once all thirty-one slots are claimed, I'll start collecting the dough. PLEASE, if you sign up with a non "google" account, please please please e-mail me so that I have a means of contacting you. (If I have no means of contacting you, I will not mark your team as claimed!)

Here is the tier structure:

TIER 1 $25
Yankees - The Dimwit
Red Sox - Matt Perry
TIER 2 $17
Cardinals - IkesCards
Giants - Jared
Braves - jaybarkerfan
Orioles- aj245
Dodgers - Stealing Home
Phillies - daddyohoho
Rangers - PlayAtThePlate
TIER 3 $10
Nationals- jaybarkerfan5
White Sox
Brewers - jaybarkerfan
Astros - Ben H (BaseballcardsRule)
Mariners - PlayAtThePlate5
Pirates- jaybarkerfan
Blue Jays
Indians - Baseball Dad
GQ's & Royal Couple - The Dimwit

I need to sell all of these slots in order to make the case break work, so if you pimp this group break on your blog, you can take $1 off your price. I know it's not much, but that's about all I can offer as I kept the cost as low as possible for everyone.

Daddyohoho and Jaybarkerfan, since you both put a claim in on the case break, I'll carry over your claim for this break unless I get an e-mail/comment from you otherwise. 


  1. I wanted in on a case, but couldn't swing that much cash. I can do this one....put me down for the Rangers!

  2. Are multiples allowed? If so, I will also take the Brewers, Nationals, and Pirates.

  3. I'm here by way of "Play at the Plate". I would like the Indians please ! I will also pimp your plan.

  4. Don't suppose you'll trade a slot for an entry into my "more fun than a discounted blaster draft" would ya?

    Never hurts to ask!

    For what its worth, great job with the pack a day, that would kill me!

  5. I'm down with the Astros. Can't wait for my first group break.

  6. Here's your pimp. Hope it helps !