Friday, October 21, 2011

Group Break - Collegiate Autos Randomization

So Brian over at Play At The Plate did the randomization... click his name there for the video... but there is the order of the 5 of us who will get the autos from the pack in this order:
1) The Dimwit
2) Spiegel83
3) Ryan H
4) Matt Perry
5) Robert M.

So, there you go everyone, as soon as I get the pack in the mail, I'll do a complete video showing the opening of the package and subsequent pack of autos.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll have a post some time in the next day or two with some overdue trades, stuff I got in the mail and some other cards... hope everyone enjoyed the group break!


  1. Cool, cool. Sounds good bud. Anyone know if this is the correct roster for potential cards?

  2. Anytime you need some help, I'm there Sam!