Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Break - Box #4 - Topps Lineage Box #2

Well, here we have the 4th and final box... make sure you click through and read the entire post, as I'll explain at the end how the randomization will go and who all will be involved; as well as my wrinkle added for anyone not interested in the collegiate autos. But for now, here's the video:

Here is a total card count by team and slot.

Once again we have the box topper and the 1975 Mini parallels...

 Then we have the 3D, Cloth and Stand-Up inserts...
 And the Platinum refractor parallels...
 Of course, there's the bling bling diamond anniversary parallels...
 And the 2011 Rookie inserts and the Venezuelan inserts...
 And at last, the hits. A bummer on the redemption but a nice card for Brian at Play At The Plate nonetheless. The Stanton auto is a great one to pull and Matt Pederson ends up with another Cubs card for his team. Cubs and Rangers, by far, won this break... thems are the breaks I guess...
Ok, now for those of us who did not get hits, there are 8 of us total:

Robert M.
The Dimwit
Jason - opted out
daddyohoho - opted out
Ryan H
...Joe - opted out
Matt Perry

***UPDATE*** Ok, the 5 remaining names will be randomized merely for order of card from the pack when it gets here. 
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I double checked it and I'm fairly certain I'm right here... Here's the deal, I have asked Brian at Play At The Plate to do a randomization which he will post tomorrow. The top five, in order, will get one card each from the redemption pack, in order from top to bottom when the pack is opened and pulled. I will video opening of the pack as well when it gets here. As you can all see, 3 people will be left without hits. So, here's what I will do to make it all fair and hopefully make everyone happy in the end. Anyone from the 8 who is not interested in the collegiate auto possibilities, you can opt out and  I will give you a hit out of my own collection (I'll give you a couple options from my collection based on the team and players you collect and what I have available in my collection or I'll go buy something from my LCS for you). This offer is good for the first 3 people who take it if anyone is interested. If you want to stay in, and you don't get in the top 5 of the randomization, I will still offer you a hit. Regardless everyone ends up with a hit in my break! If you opt out after the randomization is posted, everyone else will just move up one slot. So... that's the deal, if you have questions concerns or comments please feel free to e-mail me.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this break, I hope everyone enjoyed watching the videos! Oh, and please if you don't remember sending me your address, please e-mail it to me!


  1. I'll take the opt-out option if you have any Indians in your collection. I don't want you having to go out and buy something extra though. Thanks for doing a nice break.

  2. I'll opt out as well. I collect Phillies. Like Jason said, no need to go out and buy something.

    Thanks for hosting he break.

    Sean (aka Daddyohoho)

  3. I'll opt out as well. That relieves some of the randomizing tension. haha

  4. I can't believe you pulled a Kinsler redemption!

    I'm curious though....

    Read that post Sam, and tell me what you think. Is that the same card?