Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 6 of 24

We've hit the quarter-of-the-box point... a quick reminder, 17 teams still left in the Gypsy Queen break! Hurry, before yours gets claimed! Plenty of great teams left!

Here is today's pack of base:
A couple of decent rookies and a choker Red Sox pitcher. Hehe... I get to have a little bit of fun at someone else's expense now and again, I AM an Astros fan and we've been lambasted this year for our ineptitude... speaking of Red Sox...

Here's our first "vintage reprint". If you're going to do vintage, go back a little further than 1996? Just saying...
I will say, another great photo from Topps. In some sets, they have really used some great photography this year. If they aren't going to give us real "game-changers" they may as well give us great photography.

We're still a week away from our first auto... but it'll be worth the wait!


  1. I thought you were calling Ogando the choker. He didn't pitch well in the World Series.

  2. Are any of these up for trade or are you collecting the set now? That choker is actually the last one I need for my set, lol. Let me know if you pull a 2nd. Him and Beckett. I've got a refractor Beckett, but not the base.