Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 4 of 24... and a trade...

Well, I had a question posed by jaybarkerfan, can multiple teams be claimed in the group break? Why certainly they can and I encourage you all to do so! Each team claimed beyond the first will be give you a discount. Once I'm ready to collect the cash, I'll let you know exactly how much you owe for your total claims, so go sign up and grab multiple teams!

Alright, here's today's pack of goodness... the base:
A couple of decent rookie cards and Mauer... for the sake of the Twins I hope he can bounce back. They've got a lot of money invested in him. I still have no clue what his exact injury is but he's gotta get back to his former self soon!

And now we have our first colored paralled! A black Nelson Cruz numbered 34/100! I am posting them in the order I opened them, so I was really hoping that I'd be able to post this as "World Series hero" Nelson Cruz, but alas those darned Cardinals found a way to win it... still this is an awesome card!
 I love the horizontal layout of the card, and a great photo.
There's the serial number. I still don't understand why the black parallels are numbered to 100 and the blue are numbered to 99. What's the big stinkin' difference? Whatever, I like low numbered parallels and at least this card isn't of some "Mr. 26th guy on the roster" filler.

Hope everyone is enjoying this box break. It has been very trying of my patience so far and we're only 4 packs in. Hopefully I can keep up this pace without driving myself insane.

I did go to Target last night and pick up a couple of blaster boxes and a rack pack. Nothing very exciting, but here are a few of the highlights... I didn't get any kind of good mojo, just some base filling and a few refractors...
The Miggy is a refractor 562 and then the purples are out of /499, any Rays collectors out there? Then there are the orange refractors, which I haven't decided if I like yet or not. They are odd... and unnumbered... I feel as apathetic towards them as I do the base refractors or xfractors.

Well, while I'm at it, I'm also going to throw in a trade post with Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress. He recently busted a bunch of UD A Piece of History and I got the hits from the Astros and one of the Hollywood cards that my wife wanted... he also sent along some additional inserts and Astros cards, thanks Spankee!
 Paulino has had an up and down career and we traded him to Colorado a while back, can't remember what we got in return but it may have just been a prospect swap. I always forget to mention that I collect Clemens stuff, any hits and any Astros cards. I still think he had a great career, regardless of whether he used PED's or not, still a great player. Much like Bonds, I think they both would have been in the HOF without needing to use the PEDs.
 A Roy Oswalt card that I don't have already! Seriously, I have 3 pages in my binder of Roy stuff, so it's always nice to get one that isn't a duplicate! Which I have several of, so if any of you Roy fans out there want a jersey card, they can be had cheap!
Finally, a piece of "Mel's" pants from We Were Soldiers... not "Mel Gibson", but just "Mel". For some reason UD didn't go through the hoops to be able to use the names... whatever... still cool to get some Hollywood memorabilia for the wife!

Spankee, you're a good man! You cards will head out as soon as I make sure there aren't anymore Chrome cards I want to include!