Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome - A Pack A Day - Pack 2 of 24

Alright, here's pack number 2... but wait, there's a group break going on... sign up... Since these Chrome posts are going to push the group break post further and further down and eventually off my front page, get ready to have this reminder pretty much to open every post... ;)

By the way... on all these Chrome posts, the base cards are not for trade unless you notice it's a duplicate as I am putting the 220 card base set together. All refractors will be for trade as will both the auto's.

And here are the base...
Gio, who I only know because he signed about a billion Gypsy Queen cards this year... Colby I know because he was in our division and the Cards inexplicably traded him for bullpen help and then Pedro Strop, who is a big "who the heck is this guy?" A RC for a reliever, ho hum...

And the refractor in this pack, base refractor of Jose Reyes... I must say, on all 4 cards in this pack Topps has some nice photography. At least we have action shots instead of posed spring training photos...
Wow, for one pack of cards, that sure is a lot of typing... have a great day everyone!


  1. Nice pedro strop! haha, I know him because I am a rather large rangers fan

  2. Wasn't it David DeJesus who signed all the autos? Strop got traded to Baltimore I think.

  3. yeah he did, but i knew who he was, he wasnt to great though so its ok that he got traded