Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trade Night at BigHits Sports Cards... and a group break preview!

I'm really loving my new LCS: BigHits Sportscards. Not only do they keep good product in stock at good prices, but they also do a trade night once a month with all kinds of pack wars. I'd be much more interested if I collected football, but I stick to baseball only and they split most of the pack wars between the two... I actually made my first trade last night, picking up this beauty:
A freakin' sweet Roger Clemens refractor-ish looking jersey swatch card!

I also picked up a bit of vintage on the cheap!
 And a card for the wife's collection...
Not too shabby....

Finally, I decided (since I'm still looking to sell the last couple of slots left in the break) that I'd get a box of Artifacts to show off some of the hits... well, here's the 4 hits I got from my box:
The Ron Santo is sweet because it's a "Gold" level parallel limited to 150 copies. The Church is out of 325 and the Pudge is out of 250. The Cain is out of 700.

And here's what some of the base cards look like:
I really like the design of the base cards. Anyways, all the base cards from this box will go into the Group Break pool as well. The hits on the other hand, will stay with me...

A question posed to the group breakers... There will be a total of 800-ish cards pulled from the group break case... needless to say, there will be lots of duplicates... I was thinking of ensuring that each breaker got at least one full team set of the cards from their team, then putting together one or two complete sets and randomizing them off to either a)Teams with no hits from the case or b) amongst everyone provided everyone has a hit from the case. What do you think? Opinions? Ideas? Or does everyone want 4-6 copies of each player? Just throwing some ideas off the wall... regardless, you'll get probably a team set or two for your teams... just depends on what everyone wants to do with the duplicates! Let me know!

The case was ordered Friday... should get it Tuesday or Wednesday!!! Can't wait to start busting packs!


  1. I would be up for randomizing one base set to those who are not fortunate enough to get a hit. Would be good for all involved I believe..

  2. I would think the odds of getting ZERO hits per team is probably pretty low, especially with a case. But I would start with people with the lowest number of hits, those guys that get 1 or 2, and maybe randomize that for however many sets you could make. So, for example, if the Blue Jays and Pirates both only have 2 hits, and everyone else has more, those 2 get first dibs at a set. Then you move on to who has the next lowest hit total, etc, etc.

  3. I'm cool with randoming off a complete set. I hope to get two team sets from my team but after that I am fine with the rest going to complete sets.

  4. Truthfully, I don't care. I don't have much of a need for 4-6 cards of the same players. I do think that there should be something for the people who don't get a hit, if that's the case.

  5. I only need a set of my guys, so itd be great to get a few other teams if not a full set