Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part 3: Scans of the Hits

Here you go... the AL/NL Artifacts:
Two Astros... always makes me happy... Tigers get on the board as well... Here are the MLB Game-Used Apparel cards:
Another Peavy... another Baines... another Molina... another Cain... hmmm... And finally your signatures:
That Griffey is just SWEEEEEEET.... the Blue Jays get on the board finally... and then two random pitchers I haven't heard of from the Giants and Mariners...


  1. I actually pulled the Griffey a few weeks back out of a cheap box at the LCS. I love it but can't decide if I wanna hang onto it.

    So when are you pulling me a yanks auto??

  2. If I had the money I was going to buy in to the Reds looking for that Griffey. Nice pull for someone else!

  3. Awww, shenanigans! You can just post the rest, we won't mind :)

  4. Awesome Griffey - who is, by the way, the namesake of the family puppy! I knew this would be a great break to get into.