Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 1: Scans of the Hits

 The Kruk is just cool. Don't know why I'm obsessing about it like I am, but I really like it.
 Morgan Ensberg, eBay 1/1... actually 1/150, but still!!! Sweet... and the David Wright pinstripe is cool too... and Fisk, well, I TOLD you all to snag the White Sox and you all ignored me, now I wish Nathan hadn't snagged 'em because that's a cool looking Fisk.
Yadier Molina wraps up the first 4 autos from Artifacts. All 4 are sticker autos, too bad, they would look sweet on-card. The Torii Hunter is probably one of the best on-card auto's I've seen, just looks NICE.


  1. I watched the whole video. That is a nice Hunter auto!

  2. I did not watch the video, yet, but I agree, that Hunter is pretty sweet. And I am loving the Kruk, very cool...

  3. Havent seen the video yet either, but... Does the Crisp go to Indians or Red Sox? ;-)

  4. I have a question... why does it say rangers only have one hit lol there is the tex and young jersey cards