Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 1: First 4 Boxes of the 2006 UD Artifacts Box Break... Plus a Bonus...

Alright everyone, the group break has officially begun... before I post the video, a few words from our sponsor: BigHits Sportscards, my LCS. They are AWESOME. Their official site is their Facebook page but they also have a eBay store that has some great products churn through it... take a look, they get all kinds of interesting stuff! Really fair prices and great people over there. In fact, they ended up buying into the break with the last 2 slots that composed of the Giants/A's and WhiteSox/Rays.

Here's the schedule... I'm going to bust/sort/chart 4 boxes per night for the next 5 nights. The wife is back in Houston for the week, so I have free reign of the apartment. Now one might ask, isn't there more interesting things you can do than bust wax while the wife is away? I say no. This is going to be legen.... wait for it... DARY!!!!

As for the "Live" breaks... I'm going to do one tomorrow night of the next 4 boxes. It'll be on my UStream Channel TheDimwitCards tomorrow night starting at 7pm CENTRAL. I'll record it as well and post it on the site. I'll probably open up the channel for broadcast early at 6:45pm so that I can get my audio adjusted and start interacting on the chat. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any problems. There are a couple of you who know me well enough to have my cell phone number (you unlucky few) and if there are major issues, call me.

As for the boxes tonight, including a bonus box I picked up at Big Hit Sportscards while picking up the case (I couldn't help myself!!!) we have 20 hits to unveil!!!! 20!!!! And there are still 64 left in the case to open...

For those who want a breakdown before the video, I've already updated the group break tally sheet. For those who want the suspense, watch the video first! I will say, a 1/4 of the way into this case, and there are only 10 teams without a hit. Already, I think everyone will be in great shape. Currently, the totals reflect all cards from the break. However, I plan on pulling out a complete set or two (if possible) to random off to any team or teams who end up with the least amount of hits.

You want the video... you get the video... oh yea, I also showed off some of my Diamond Giveaway cards, you'll just have to bear with me, I was excited about a Nolan Ryan!!!!

I'm going to put a scheduled post up with the scans of the hits from this part of the break. I will give you all 4-5 hours to watch this before it posts, to limit the spoilers!

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  1. Sweet, the Sox did awesome in the Masterpieces box. There's only 10 base cards in the set and you pulled 9 of them. Plus that Schilling is really nice! :)