Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Box of 2011 Topps Marquee

Before I get started, all but 2 group break packages went out in the mail yesterday... I've decided to keep the Mariners and Tigers (who got claimed but subsequently went unpaid for...) Those hits will go in my trade bait

So I stopped by the local card shop and the wife convinced me to get a pack of Marquee... which turned into a box... funny how that happens...Well, I haven't been impressed with most of what I've seen online, but I wanted to give the product a shot myself... and came away with mixed impressions... although I did get a case hit...

We'll start with the base cards:
I REALLY like these base cards... thick stock, great photos, no cheesy border, a dignified nameplate... A+++ Topps, that's how you make a baseball card. Unfortunately, I avoided group breaks on this product because of a striking lack of Astros in the checklist (serious, no vintage Astros thrown in the mix? BOO!! F- Topps, that's how you exclude fans).

Alright, next are the parallels:
Again, SWEEET photos, the classic Ichiro follow through, Eithier in home run trot mode, Johnny Bench with the play at the plate and then Honus... well, they didn't have a bunch of photos to choose from, did they? Anyways, nice low numbered parallels and I like the gold and blue foil as well. A+.

Now the hits... from worst to first...
W.... T.... F.... Hey Topps, I thought these were "Marquee" players?!?!?! Not journeymen who have bounced from team to team! Heck if that's the standard, where is my Geoff Blum Astros Titanic Threads???? F------------------------- Super suckfest!

Next one, not too shabby...
Hey, a CY Young winner and perennial All-Star... can't argue with a great Blue Jay... Oh wait, he plays for Philadelphia now? Oh, and he's been there for more than a year? Wait, he had a "Marquee Moment" with the no-hitter in the playoffs last year as... a Phillie... again, WTF Topps, I know you have an updated photo, I call shenanigans... C- because at least he's a marquee name...

Next to last... oooo... it's gettin' good...
SWEEEEEEET!!!! A freakin' sweet patch.... sticker auto, yes, but we have just come to expect those, right? Great looking card, awesome rookie, sweet patch! It's numbered /400, which means many out there are just 2 grey swatches, so I'll thank my lucky stars that I got the patch! Super sweet! A- because there's 400 out there floating around killin' the resale value...

And finally, the case hit!
Museum Collection! To be honest, I had to come home and google this.... I had no idea what these were or that they were case hits. Numbered out of /10, these are on-card autos that apparently are rather blingy. And plenty of time on the redemption. Would have really liked to get, you know, the actual card, but I'll take a nice insert like this any day! B+ since it's a redemption and I had no idea what "museum collection" meant.

Alright, literally EVERYTHING here is for trade. If you want to trade for the hits, make it quick, as all 4 are on eBay pending sale. If we work out a trade before it sells or if you want to make a monetary offer to save me eBay fees (and I'll not charge you shipping either), I'll pull it down... no harm, no foul.

Overall, this product gets a B+ since I know that part of my joy is influenced by my incredible luck on the Upton and Belt.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. Samuel, let me know what you need in order for me to get the EE for my Jays collection....thanks, Robert

  2. Sam, could you add the Ripken to my pile? I've got a nice stack of Astros building up on my desk.

  3. What sort of card(s) would you be looking for if you traded the Halladay? Would love to trade for it if possible.

  4. Not a bad deal! I'd like to claim all the parallels except for the Dodger.

  5. D'oh! All the Jays fans beat me to it!

  6. Joe AND Justin? Put me down as interested...

  7. I'd love to make an offer on the Upton, but I'm fairly certain I don't have anything close to enough.

  8. Nice case hit. My 3 boxes were pretty good. At least Beardy was happy w/ his haul.

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  10. Very nice box. The belt is cool and I bet that Upton museum card is gonna be sick.

    I agree the base card phots rock. The Mauer and Ichiro are my favorites. I live the action shot of Mauer and the alternate jersey on Ichiro.