Thursday, September 1, 2011

Group Break - FINAL 4 TEAMS!

Hey everyone... I'm down to 4 teams left... I need to get this break filled so that I can get the cash to my LSC and pick up the case... so, I'm going to take these last teams/slots and discount them down to my cost, less shipping. That's right, I'll pay the shipping on these on my dime... and there are great teams left, including the most well-represented team in the set: Chicago White Sox. Please let me know if you want one of these teams ASAP! These 4 slots are only $25 a piece. If you already have one team in the break, I'll take a bit of a loss and give you a second team for $20.

White Sox

Can't wait to start busting boxes! This break is going to rock! LOTS OF HITS!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'll scrimp a little bit and get the Rox for this break. I'll send you a few goodies after the break as well.