Monday, September 5, 2011

Bonus Blasters for the 2006 UD Artifacts Group Break

**FYI - ALL TEAMS HAVE NOW BEEN CLAIMED!!! WOO HOO!!! Still waiting on a few payments coming through the mail and such, but this case break is going to be a lot of fun!!!!**

We have our second hit of the break! You'll have to watch and see... :)

Two discount blasters from 2008.... Baseball Heroes and Timeline! Great looking cards... hope you all enjoy!

Here's the updated total board.


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  2. Nice. I think those were the Baseball Hero base cards that I was missing out of the ones you had sent me, lol.

    Liking the videos so far! This one looked/sounded better than the first too. Can't wait to see the bust.

  3. Sorry for the double post. I deleted the other. Blogger had a weird login hickup.