Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Want List

Here's what I need from the base set for 2011 Topps Chrome: COMPLETED!!!!!

Updated 12/28/2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Houston Astros Season In Review... oh this'll be a fun post...

Most of you will just skim over this post in your RSS feed... but since I did a season preview I figured I ought to review this season. First of all, I'll admit that I was ENTIRELY too optimistic in hoping that the Astros wouldn't be the worst team in baseball. In retrospect I wrote with my heart instead of my head, I WANTED them to be better (much like all of Red Sox Nation and Braves fans WANTED them to make the playoffs... too soon? hehehe) Anyways, it's hard to be optimistic about the Astros right now, but I'll try my best to give my fellow Astros a glimmer of hope...

The Good
This is going to be a short section of the review. There wasn't a whole lot that went right this year. The pitching was bad, the hitting was bad, the defense was bad and the management was suspect at best. The best pitcher was probably Bud Norris. He led the squad in K's and ERA. J.A. Happ, well, was J.A. Happ. He was supposed to be our #2 or #3 starter but ended up at AAA for a while as his walk rate escalated as the season went along. Wandy was his usual self, he'll never be a #1 but he's as close to a #1 starter as we've got. Brett Myers proved why no one else would give him a long term deal, he's just not that good. The 5th starter slot was catastrophic most of the season. Nelson Figuroa started out in that slot, then it went through and bunch of minor leaguers and AAAA-type prospects. Finally, the front office wised up and brought up the only pitching prospect in the system: Jordan Lyles. He's 20 and very raw, but he's going to be a solid starter in due time. The best hitter was, unfortunately, Carlos Lee? Or half a season of Hunter Pence? Or half a season of Michael Bourn? Trying REALLY hard to be positive here... Oh yes, I mentioned half seasons: the TRADES! The only thing to be positive about this entire season. We purged the Phillies' farm system of their best hitting and best pitching prospect for Hunter Pence. Look, I am a HUGE Pence fan, I will continue to collect his cards; but he was no HOF'er. He and Bourn were BY FAR the best players on a horrible team, which made them seem more valuable. And thus we got better prospects for them than I think we would have gotten otherwise. Our farm system is a tad bit more "restocked" but it still has a LONG way to go. But getting the #1 overall pick in the draft should be a good step in that direction. We just have to make sure that we hit a homerun with the pick, another "Phil Nevin" type whiff will set us back even more.

The Bad
Ok, this is going to be easy... EVERYTHING WAS BAD. It was a horrible year for every facet of the organization. The pending ownership change (which still may not go through because of Mr. Crane's allegedly sketchy past) looms over the franchise and effectively paralyses it. Payroll must be stripped, the rebuilding process is FINALLY started (about 4 years too late in my opinion) and Uncle Drayton sits in his Diamond Club seats and wonders why there are so many empty seats. At least he didn't spend the entire year yelling about how "WE'RE CHAMPIONS!" Well, Ed Wade did what he could mid-season to swing some trades, but this roster was a mess from day 1 of spring training. Jason Michaels has no business being on a MLB roster. The bullpen was a mess having no true closer after trading Lindstrom to the Rockies (I assume the Phillies didn't want him) for Clint Barmes, who I think was a bit of a failed experiment as well. When Brandon Lyon finally admitted he was having arm problems (5-6 blown saves later) it was too late. Young prospects, Chris Johnson and Brett Wallace namely, struggled to hit and ended up getting sent to AAA as well. Lots of roster turn over during the season, with lots of prospects getting their MLB debuts. Jose Altuve looks to be a serviceable 2B option after we realized Bill Hall was a horrible signing. Jimmy Paredes, from the Berkman deal last year, looks to be a decent option at 3B or SS if he can sew up some holes in his swing... oh, and that J.D. Martinez guy can hit too. Wow, just realized I'm posting good stuff in the "The Bad" section after posting bad stuff in the "The Good" section... just go with it people... Finally, Carlos Lee. What can I say about the rotund mound Panamanian that hasn't already been said? He led the team in HR's, yes, but that just indicates how horrible the team was, he only hit 18. Ack... just horrid... I won't even get into his defensive "skills". Sometimes, I swear we'd be better off playing with 2 outfielders and just have Carlos sit in the dugout instead of manning LF. At 1B he wasn't horrible.

The Ugly
Here's the thing I realized today: We WILL be worse next year, absolutely, no questions asked. It is not going to get better. "Why?" you may ask... well, I'll tell you. There are only 2 free agents: Clint Barmes and Jason Michaels. I can only hope that Ed Wade lets them both leave and neither of them are even Type B free agents, so no draft help. Happ and Quintero are the only arbitration eligible players, both of them will be back. There will be no money spent on free agents, as I think that both leaving players will be replaced internally. So, we're banking on all existing players to get better. History says that Carlos will get worse. Same with Myers, Wandy, and Happ. There is some hope that all the rookies who made their debuts this year will get a bit better with more AB's and a full season at the MLB level instead of starting at AAA or AA. Heck, Altuve and Paredes started at single A this year and made their way up to the MLB squad. Odds are they are more likely to regress next year as pitchers figure them out a bit. Chris Johnson and Brett Wallace, well sadly they possibly may have already peaked (wow that's sad). In fact, the roster is littered with guys who may have already peaked and are going to be on a downward trend. We will be getting Jason Castro back from the knee injury that knocked him out for the season in spring training.

Here's what I foresee the opening day 25-man roster to look like:
C - Castro, Quintero
IF- Wallace, Altuve, Paredes, Johnson, Downs, Sanchez
OF - Bourgois, Bogesevic, Lee, Schafer, Shuck
SP - Happ, Myers, Wandy, Lyles, Norris
RP - Pendelton, Melancon, Wright, Sosa, Harrell, Lopez, Carpenter

Ok, so the bullpen will be a work in progress, you could take the names of the current pitchers on the roster in a hat and pull out 7. They are all pretty much interchangeable. Wandy might get traded in the offseason. If so, then Sosa or Wright will get a shot at the 5th starter slot.

As I get ready to watch the playoffs starting tomorrow, I realize it's been 6 years since the Astros' amazing run to the World Series only to get swept by the White Sox. I miss that team. You know, back when we were good....

As for who I'm rooting for in the World Series, GO RANGERS! As for who I think wins it all, I predict a Phillies ring is in the future. Good pitching always beats good hitting, and the 3-man rotation of Halladay, Lee and Oswalt will be hard to beat, not to overlook the bullpen with Worley and Blanton. The only question I see with them is their lineup, but I think Hunter Pence will be enough to get them another championship.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bunch of trades... and a surprise...

Ok, a lot of trades to detail today...

Let me take a moment to say, if you don't follow all of these bloggers' blogs, your mother is a hamster... get over to your google reader (or other acceptable RSS feed reader) and add them now... they all rock at what they do, and they are great traders... do it! NOW! FOLLOW THEM!!! Alright, now that we have that bit of business settled, onto the trades...

First of all, we have Justin from the aptly named blog Justin's World. We had worked out a trade a while back, and he was in the Artifacts group break... anyways, he got his cards over to me recently after a bout with the flu (hope you're feeling better buddy)... The highlights were a couple TTM style autos and a Roy Oswalt jersey relic from 2008 A&G.
Thanks Justin!

Next up is Robert from $30 A Week Habit... we worked out a deal for the Edwin Encarnacion "Titanic Load of Crap Threads" card I pulled from Marquee... since it had previously sold on eBay for $1.72, I took what I could get for it...
A nice thick windowed auto of another failed Astros prospect! Failed prospect for a failed idea-for-a-hit, done! Thanks Robert!

Next up is Dennis from that great Blue Jays blog Pictures of Men. He really wanted the Halladay from the Marquee I pulled, and after mulling over his offer, I settled on this beauty... my first ever truly vintage baseball card... a buyback at that... oooo... so nice...

Wow, a T206... I'm geeked... no, I'd never heard of the guy, but it's a T206!! Like from 1911!!!! It's 100 years old... SWEET!!!! I know some of you Cubs collectors will want this card, but sorry, it's going into the permanent collection. Dennis, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Hope you enjoy the Halladay!

Finally, we have a deal with one of my favorite bloggers out there. Greg "Don't misspell my last name like you always do" Zakwin from Plaschke, They Sweater Is Argyle. Greg and I work up big Astros-for-Dodgers swaps (and for some reason he also wants my Reds, he's getting a bit greedy, that one) but I digress, the trades are epic and when we finally get a good stack together, we start sending packages through the time-space continuum (also known as USPS)... well, I was more than excited to find this awesome cards in my mailbox just yesterday:
Well, the scanner is being a bit of a jerk today, cutting off the bottom edges... but you get the gist... great cards! A new Clemens for the binder and an awesome Bagwell. Pence RC, thank you more please and a Chad Qualls auto, alway good to add an auto from the mid 2000's from a solid bullpen member... You may be wondering at this point why I haven't wrapped up this post and allowed you to move on with your day... well, because after these cards came out of the magic bubble mailer, another smaller package fell out. Wrapped like a Christmas present and labeled to "OPEN LAST SAM" I figured I should wait and open it last... so I did... and got great surprise!!!!
Wait a second... if you look at my "keepers spreadsheet" you'd see I already had this card! (Greg noted as much on the note he included), but in an incredibly sneaky move, Greg included another card, RIGHT BEHIND THE FIRST ONE!!!!
THAT SCOUNDREL! Sending me a British chap with his mocking stare and debonair shoulder tassles! I have had enough of this haberdashery and tomfoolery. Ok, I totally just wrote that last sentence so that I could use "haberdashery" and "tomfoolery" on my blog. I know the definition of neither. Anyways, the card is awesome... from 1911 I do believe (if my crack eBay research team, i.e. the dog) is to be believed! In one 24 hour period, I end up with 2 cards 100 years old! AMAZING! Greg, don't think this good deed goes unpunished, you will face the wrath of the surprise awaiting you when you get my package (if I would just go to the post office already and mail it, that threat would be SO much less empty)... soon, very soon...

Thanks for the great trades everyone... and I commend anyone who made it to the end of this post... you're a brave soul or just entirely too bored.... probably the later...

Good day everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Short Trip Through Houston...

So the wife and I left Thursday for a short weekend trip to Houston. We had the memorial service for my friend Alex Saturday afternoon. It was a great send off to a friend that will be missed by many. It was amazing to see the massive number of people who gathered at his mother's house to honor him... ok, before I get any more dust in my eyes.......

While I was in Houston, I delivered the group break loot for my buddy Matt over at DocHoloday... he's a big Red Sox fan and was geeked to get his hands on the cards from his first ever group break. We also sat down and put a bit of a trade together revolving around sending some Red Sox cards his way that have sat in my "for trade" binder for a bit. I added some non-Astros, so it turned into a "refresh the trade bait" kind of trade, which I'm always ok with... especially when I can tease Spankee with two of these...
The Choice was more of a prospect gamble, hoping he turns out. The Zimmerman's were a calculated move in an ongoing trade discussion with Spankee revolving around any and all Hollywood relics and Astros pulled from his A Piece of History binge. Haha...

Hope everyone had a great weekend, outside of the 15 hours spent driving back and forth, it was a great weekend and a chance to catch up with old friends, see some family and pay tribute to a great friend.

Have a great week everyone...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Box of 2011 Topps Marquee

Before I get started, all but 2 group break packages went out in the mail yesterday... I've decided to keep the Mariners and Tigers (who got claimed but subsequently went unpaid for...) Those hits will go in my trade bait

So I stopped by the local card shop and the wife convinced me to get a pack of Marquee... which turned into a box... funny how that happens...Well, I haven't been impressed with most of what I've seen online, but I wanted to give the product a shot myself... and came away with mixed impressions... although I did get a case hit...

We'll start with the base cards:
I REALLY like these base cards... thick stock, great photos, no cheesy border, a dignified nameplate... A+++ Topps, that's how you make a baseball card. Unfortunately, I avoided group breaks on this product because of a striking lack of Astros in the checklist (serious, no vintage Astros thrown in the mix? BOO!! F- Topps, that's how you exclude fans).

Alright, next are the parallels:
Again, SWEEET photos, the classic Ichiro follow through, Eithier in home run trot mode, Johnny Bench with the play at the plate and then Honus... well, they didn't have a bunch of photos to choose from, did they? Anyways, nice low numbered parallels and I like the gold and blue foil as well. A+.

Now the hits... from worst to first...
W.... T.... F.... Hey Topps, I thought these were "Marquee" players?!?!?! Not journeymen who have bounced from team to team! Heck if that's the standard, where is my Geoff Blum Astros Titanic Threads???? F------------------------- Super suckfest!

Next one, not too shabby...
Hey, a CY Young winner and perennial All-Star... can't argue with a great Blue Jay... Oh wait, he plays for Philadelphia now? Oh, and he's been there for more than a year? Wait, he had a "Marquee Moment" with the no-hitter in the playoffs last year as... a Phillie... again, WTF Topps, I know you have an updated photo, I call shenanigans... C- because at least he's a marquee name...

Next to last... oooo... it's gettin' good...
SWEEEEEEET!!!! A freakin' sweet patch.... sticker auto, yes, but we have just come to expect those, right? Great looking card, awesome rookie, sweet patch! It's numbered /400, which means many out there are just 2 grey swatches, so I'll thank my lucky stars that I got the patch! Super sweet! A- because there's 400 out there floating around killin' the resale value...

And finally, the case hit!
Museum Collection! To be honest, I had to come home and google this.... I had no idea what these were or that they were case hits. Numbered out of /10, these are on-card autos that apparently are rather blingy. And plenty of time on the redemption. Would have really liked to get, you know, the actual card, but I'll take a nice insert like this any day! B+ since it's a redemption and I had no idea what "museum collection" meant.

Alright, literally EVERYTHING here is for trade. If you want to trade for the hits, make it quick, as all 4 are on eBay pending sale. If we work out a trade before it sells or if you want to make a monetary offer to save me eBay fees (and I'll not charge you shipping either), I'll pull it down... no harm, no foul.

Overall, this product gets a B+ since I know that part of my joy is influenced by my incredible luck on the Upton and Belt.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Group Break Update and Stuff

Hey everyone... for those involved in the group break, your cards will go out in the mail tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, I hope you all understand.

For anyone I'm working on a trade with, I'll be working to get stuff wrapped up in the next few days. Again, sorry for the delays... the blog and collecting is taking a back seat temporarily...

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Tribute Post To My Best Friend - Alex Briceno - R.I.P.

This is the hardest post I'll ever have to type. Three years ago, I started at my current company and met a guy named Alex. He stood 6'4" or so, broad shoulders and was rather intimidating in stature. Little did I know it was just a big kid wrapped up in a big body. Alex and I became friends rather quickly. We goofed off together at work, hung out at the bar after work, and talked about a lot of things... women, life, cars, family, religion, politics... if there was a party to be had, he was usually there and invited me and eventually Robin along. He had "DorkFest" at his apartment, which involved lots of video games and lots of beer. He talked of wanting to go play night golf (sneaking onto Hermann Park's course with glow-in-the-dark balls) and we never actually made it out there. He attempted to take Robin and I sailing, which failed completely when I pinched a nerve in my back 5 minutes into it. He never let me live it down either, calling me "gimp" pretty much from then on.
The pictures in this post are from a pub crawl that he did, on a whim, with me and Robin. He was always down for anything, at a moments notice. All you had to do was call, and Alex was on his way. About two years ago, he left the company after his dad passed away and left him with the means to do whatever he wanted. So he packed up and spent three months doing wilderness survival training in Wyoming, e-mailing or texting when he had a chance, sending pictures of him having a BLAST in 4 feet of snow in a tent. When he got back, many pounds lighter and very hairy, we picked up right where we left off... until he went down to Key West for a few months to do SCUBA and Free Diving certification... then off to Columbia to help with charitable causes and research. Then to France for a family reunion. Our pack of friends just started referring to him as a nomad, a wonder-er, a gypsy who came and went as he pleased. I found out he was in town once when a friend saw him "gondolier-ing" through a local Target parking lot on a long board pushing himself with a long stick. He was larger than life some times... always the center of attention (he loved doing cartwheels when egged on, even at company parties). He was a groomsman in our wedding just 14 months ago. He was a hit at the reception, doing the worm, being his usual spastic self, dancing and being the overall awesome guy that he is.
Before Robin and I left for Mobile last month, we got to hang out with him at a friend's concert. He showed up and within minutes you could tell he couldn't sit still. He went to his truck, grabbed his long board and started skating the parking lot, begging our friend Miller to join him to no avail. I wish I had gotten up and indulged him, I regret not doing so... This past Friday night, bored out of my mind, I got in touch with him on Facebook and he called me as he was headed out the door to hang out with some mutual friends. He was happy, he was excited about life, some things had happened recently and he was making choices, making plans. We talked about him coming out to Mobile for a little while, as he was a Alabama grad, to stay with us and see some of his friends in the area. We said we'd talk later...
I got the call yesterday about 4pm... Alex was gone. At 1:45am yesterday, he got in a single car accident, wasn't wearing a seat belt and left all of us who knew him with a BUNCH of questions... My best friend, and I don't just throw that term around lightly, is gone. To Alex, you packed a whole lot of living into your 28 years my friend, more than most people do in their lifetime. I wish you had slowed down and let us all enjoy you more, but I guess you're one of those flashes in the pan of life. Our only choice was to stand back and watch the brilliance as your star burnt so bright. You are missed already, you'll be missed still. Your sister and mom will hurt far worse, far longer and far deeper than I can. I still don't believe it. I check my phone constantly for a message I know won't come... I hope you and your father are up racing cars across the heavens...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

2006 UD Artifacts Group Break Part 5

Here's the final video and finalized spreadsheet... there's a spastic break in the middle because I had to take a quick break to take care of something on the computer... also, it was REALLY tired when doing this... just FYI... literally tired, and tired of opening packs... anyways, enjoy:

Also, here's the randomization video for the complete sets:


Friday, September 9, 2011

Part 4: Scans of the Hits

Here are the AL/NL Artifacts:
The Smoltz is UBER-low numbered! The Ensberg is a repeat (but different color)... not too shabby for the Braves or Angels...
And the autographs...
The real winner here is Spankee with the Ryan Zimmerman auto... meh on the other three...
And the MLB Game Used Apparel:
For those that didn't watch the video... you may be wondering... wait, that's 17 hits?!?!?! WHAT!? Yep, we got an extra hit in one of these boxes so that's another little bonus for us! Another Felix Hernandez and Westbrook, but again different rarities... a couple more White Sox... and a nice Zimmerman swatch. Spankee is the big winner out of these boxes I'd say with the Nats.

And here's the hit from the bonus blasters I threw in:
Congrats everyone... last boxes to be posted tomorrow! Have a great Friday everyone!

2006 UD Artifacts Group Break - Part 4

Here we go again... the next four boxes... the spreadsheet is up to date, with cards from both videos below... scans of the hits to follow at 6:00pm...

I also picked up a couple more discount blasters at Wal-Mart today... just as a gift... hope no one is too upset...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part 3: Scans of the Hits

Here you go... the AL/NL Artifacts:
Two Astros... always makes me happy... Tigers get on the board as well... Here are the MLB Game-Used Apparel cards:
Another Peavy... another Baines... another Molina... another Cain... hmmm... And finally your signatures:
That Griffey is just SWEEEEEEET.... the Blue Jays get on the board finally... and then two random pitchers I haven't heard of from the Giants and Mariners...

2006 UD Artifacts Group Break - Part 3

Here is the video everyone... I busted all the remaining boxes last night, as I just don't have the time the next couple nights to do them live or after I get home. I kept up the mirage of them being broken each day by "acting" as those these videos were being busted the day they were scheduled... and believe me by the last video that'll post on Saturday, delirium has set in and I was REALLY tired of busting packs... base cards, you can forget about seeing them in frame by those last 4 boxes, but you'll still get primo view of the hits.

So, while I know the complete contents and all, I will only update the spreadsheet after each video is posted. Speaking of the spreadsheet... it has been updated, you'll notice it looks a bit different. I have added columns to calculate how many actual cards you will receive once the complete sets have been taken out. Be aware, your current stack has at LEAST one complete "team set" of your team and will most likely have at least two team sets. You will never sacrifice any cards from your (1) team set in order to make a complete set. My question is, does everyone want the max COMPLETE sets pulled or would you prefer to cap it at 3 or 4 complete sets? Leave a comment, let me know what you think. At this point, my estimation is 4 complete sets, with the ever so slight possibility of 5, but definitely 4.

My tentative plans as of right now are to hand out one or two to the "SLOTS" that are the most poorly represented, then random off the others to all but the top 4-5 best represented slots. I want to be as fair as possible. Definitely give me some feedback on what you think. Since the rest of the contents are unknown to all but me, I think it's pretty fair and unbiased for all to give their opinions now.

Scans for this post are already pre-scheduled to post at 9:00pm tonight, so you have about 3 hours to watch the video before the scans spoil it for you...


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Part 2: Scans of the Hits

On a business note, Lil J.... I need an e-mail from you confirming payment has been sent. I haven't gotten it yet and if I don't get it by the end of the break, the Mariners and Tigers lots will go to the highest bidder(s)... I REALLY could use the money to help defray shipping costs, but I need to know ASAP what the status is...

Sorry everyone for that bit of un-fun stuff... but onto the mojo...

On another note, we now have one complete set to randomize off at the end of the break... this is in addition to at least one team set per team... I'll work on a second set as well, I'm sure we'll get it...

Because the video was so horrid... sorry, everyone, I didn't know the audio was so bad until after the recording was done... I am posting the hits a lot sooner... so enjoy! The Indians had a great 4 boxes... not to mention the MAJOR MOJO at the end for a couple other teams... you'll have to get through the page break... hahaha!
Nice set of relics here...
Cliff Lee, Harold Baines, Ron Santo and Felix Hernandez... can't argue with those names...

Click the page break below to see the major mojo....

Artifacts Group Break Part 2

Alright, here's the video...

The spreadsheet is up-to-date!

Apparently, there's no audio... I'm really sorry about this... I think this will be my last try at UStream until I get a better web cam... sorry everyone... although not hearing me yammer on may be a good thing..... I'll post the scans shortly so you all don't have to suffer through the video complete... some SICK HITS!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 1: Scans of the Hits

 The Kruk is just cool. Don't know why I'm obsessing about it like I am, but I really like it.
 Morgan Ensberg, eBay 1/1... actually 1/150, but still!!! Sweet... and the David Wright pinstripe is cool too... and Fisk, well, I TOLD you all to snag the White Sox and you all ignored me, now I wish Nathan hadn't snagged 'em because that's a cool looking Fisk.
Yadier Molina wraps up the first 4 autos from Artifacts. All 4 are sticker autos, too bad, they would look sweet on-card. The Torii Hunter is probably one of the best on-card auto's I've seen, just looks NICE.

Part 1: First 4 Boxes of the 2006 UD Artifacts Box Break... Plus a Bonus...

Alright everyone, the group break has officially begun... before I post the video, a few words from our sponsor: BigHits Sportscards, my LCS. They are AWESOME. Their official site is their Facebook page but they also have a eBay store that has some great products churn through it... take a look, they get all kinds of interesting stuff! Really fair prices and great people over there. In fact, they ended up buying into the break with the last 2 slots that composed of the Giants/A's and WhiteSox/Rays.

Here's the schedule... I'm going to bust/sort/chart 4 boxes per night for the next 5 nights. The wife is back in Houston for the week, so I have free reign of the apartment. Now one might ask, isn't there more interesting things you can do than bust wax while the wife is away? I say no. This is going to be legen.... wait for it... DARY!!!!

As for the "Live" breaks... I'm going to do one tomorrow night of the next 4 boxes. It'll be on my UStream Channel TheDimwitCards tomorrow night starting at 7pm CENTRAL. I'll record it as well and post it on the site. I'll probably open up the channel for broadcast early at 6:45pm so that I can get my audio adjusted and start interacting on the chat. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any problems. There are a couple of you who know me well enough to have my cell phone number (you unlucky few) and if there are major issues, call me.

As for the boxes tonight, including a bonus box I picked up at Big Hit Sportscards while picking up the case (I couldn't help myself!!!) we have 20 hits to unveil!!!! 20!!!! And there are still 64 left in the case to open...

For those who want a breakdown before the video, I've already updated the group break tally sheet. For those who want the suspense, watch the video first! I will say, a 1/4 of the way into this case, and there are only 10 teams without a hit. Already, I think everyone will be in great shape. Currently, the totals reflect all cards from the break. However, I plan on pulling out a complete set or two (if possible) to random off to any team or teams who end up with the least amount of hits.

You want the video... you get the video... oh yea, I also showed off some of my Diamond Giveaway cards, you'll just have to bear with me, I was excited about a Nolan Ryan!!!!

I'm going to put a scheduled post up with the scans of the hits from this part of the break. I will give you all 4-5 hours to watch this before it posts, to limit the spoilers!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bonus Blasters for the 2006 UD Artifacts Group Break

**FYI - ALL TEAMS HAVE NOW BEEN CLAIMED!!! WOO HOO!!! Still waiting on a few payments coming through the mail and such, but this case break is going to be a lot of fun!!!!**

We have our second hit of the break! You'll have to watch and see... :)

Two discount blasters from 2008.... Baseball Heroes and Timeline! Great looking cards... hope you all enjoy!

Here's the updated total board.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trade Night at BigHits Sports Cards... and a group break preview!

I'm really loving my new LCS: BigHits Sportscards. Not only do they keep good product in stock at good prices, but they also do a trade night once a month with all kinds of pack wars. I'd be much more interested if I collected football, but I stick to baseball only and they split most of the pack wars between the two... I actually made my first trade last night, picking up this beauty:
A freakin' sweet Roger Clemens refractor-ish looking jersey swatch card!

I also picked up a bit of vintage on the cheap!
 And a card for the wife's collection...
Not too shabby....

Finally, I decided (since I'm still looking to sell the last couple of slots left in the break) that I'd get a box of Artifacts to show off some of the hits... well, here's the 4 hits I got from my box:
The Ron Santo is sweet because it's a "Gold" level parallel limited to 150 copies. The Church is out of 325 and the Pudge is out of 250. The Cain is out of 700.

And here's what some of the base cards look like:
I really like the design of the base cards. Anyways, all the base cards from this box will go into the Group Break pool as well. The hits on the other hand, will stay with me...

A question posed to the group breakers... There will be a total of 800-ish cards pulled from the group break case... needless to say, there will be lots of duplicates... I was thinking of ensuring that each breaker got at least one full team set of the cards from their team, then putting together one or two complete sets and randomizing them off to either a)Teams with no hits from the case or b) amongst everyone provided everyone has a hit from the case. What do you think? Opinions? Ideas? Or does everyone want 4-6 copies of each player? Just throwing some ideas off the wall... regardless, you'll get probably a team set or two for your teams... just depends on what everyone wants to do with the duplicates! Let me know!

The case was ordered Friday... should get it Tuesday or Wednesday!!! Can't wait to start busting packs!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Final 4 teams in the break... make me an offer...

I really would like to get the last 4 teams sold. I had the Giants sold, but then when it came time to send the money, they changed their mind. So, that leaves the Athletics, Giants, Rays and White Sox available. I really don't want these teams cards, but I'll take them if I have to. To make it a bit easier, I'll combine them into two slots at $35 each... or $20 a piece if you want them individually.

Rays/White Sox

Thanks everyone!

2006 Artifacts Group Break Spreadsheet

I will be updating this spreadsheet as packs/boxes/etc are busted. Each video post, I will include the link at the end once I've tabulated the results!

Looks like the big winners from the 2 blasters were the Orioles, Cubs, Braves and Brewers... not to mention the Pirates for getting the first hit in the break!

2006 Artifacts Case Break Results

On another note, if you haven't sent in payment yet, please get your cash to me by the end of the weekend if possible. I need to get the cash pulled together to pay for the case early next week! Thanks everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Artifacts Group Break - On UStream Now!

I don't get the case in until next week... that doesn't stop me from busting a couple of bonus blasters!

Here's the recorded UStream... we have our first HIT!!! Congrats!

My absolute apologies for the crappy audio... working on it...

Group Break UPDATE! ------ And some trades...

So... today I officially ordered the case for the group break, it will be in hand very early next week. Boxes will be busted shortly thereafter... we'll see if I can put a "live break" together on UStream... don't know if I can get my camcorder to interface with my PC... but I'll try.

There are only three teams left! Athletics, Rays and White Sox. I really would like to sell these! $20 each for anyone who wants them... at this point I just need them sold so that I can put that money towards postage and extra goodies for the break.

Alright, as for trades... my buddy Matt (DocHoloday) is a HUGE Red Sox fan. Yanks fans, head over to his blog and I'm sure he'll gladly send your "evil empire" cards for his "evil empire" cards. Yes, I consider both the Yanks and Red Sox evil empires at this point. Both incessantly whine now when their teams don't score more than 9 runs a game, and both act as though it's their God-given right to make the playoffs and sign every available free agent... What, there's a trade rumor that doesn't involve the Yanks or Red Sox getting a highly coveted player? NO WAY?!?!?!.... (Ummm the above rant is tongue-in-cheek... I kid... I kid)...hey dimwit, end your rant NOW, you're losing readers... ok, so baseball cards... Matt was so kind as to send me a HUGE box of goodies, mainly base cards from A&G, Gypsy Queen and Lineage from my want lists and for my Astros collection. He also sent along all the mini's from any product he ever opened.... here's the highlights...
 Ooo... lots o' mini's... I like-y...
 Some sweet Astros cards... makes me sad Hunter is a Philly...
And a sweet looking mini-relic... thanks Matt!!!!

Next up we have Charles (LifetimeTopps)... we did a good ol' fashioned base swap... we both had Gypsy Queen, Lineage and Goodwin to send back and forth... here's the loot, I even managed to get a jersey relic of Berkman that I didn't have already!
 YAY! More mini's!!!!
 I just really like Goodwin... great job on the design Upper Deck... I'm going to have to kindly ask you to get an MLB license back and not screw it up this time...
I really like the can'o'corn look on the Figures of Sports inserts... now to just track down that pesky Nolan Ryan one...

Thanks Charles!!!

Finally, I picked up a few cards from Community Gum's Lineage break. The Astros went un-claimed (surprise, surprise) so I was able to pick up a bunch of the inserts, parallels and relics at a great price! Here's some highlights:
 The pop-up cutouts are awesome inserts in my opinion... and I don't dare pop it out either, although it's very tempting... oh, and Carlos, lose a pound or 40 already...
Drat! There he is again, attacking my web-page, it's like Godzilla going after Tokyo... and my scanner apparently is Mothra, eating the bottoms of my cards...
Wandy Rodriguez... this is my first relic of his... gives me ample time to finally address an issue that needs to be addressed.... Wandy... really? What the heck kind of name is that? Wandy? Not to mention, this is the second name he's had since he's been an Astro, he tried to use some other Dominican's birth certificate and got busted/turned himself in.... well, just saying, stop making up weird names people... cool card though, diggin' the color schemes on the retro 75 mini's...

Oh, for a second "finally" a big thanks to Robert over at $30 a week habit. He sent me the final 2 base cards I needed to complete my 2011 Topps series 2 set. My last ever flagship base set to build... I forbid myself to do that again! Especially after the crappy @$$ design Topps is regurgitating for the 2012 season... BARF... and this "gold" set, please, that was so 10 years ago when you did it for your "golden" anniversary. Serious Topps, how retarded/dumb do you think we are?!?!??!! rant #2 of this post is now over...

Have a great weekend everyone... I'll be hanging out with Tropical Storm Lee here in Mobile... enjoy your sunny beach vacations elsewhere...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Group Break - FINAL 4 TEAMS!

Hey everyone... I'm down to 4 teams left... I need to get this break filled so that I can get the cash to my LSC and pick up the case... so, I'm going to take these last teams/slots and discount them down to my cost, less shipping. That's right, I'll pay the shipping on these on my dime... and there are great teams left, including the most well-represented team in the set: Chicago White Sox. Please let me know if you want one of these teams ASAP! These 4 slots are only $25 a piece. If you already have one team in the break, I'll take a bit of a loss and give you a second team for $20.

White Sox

Can't wait to start busting boxes! This break is going to rock! LOTS OF HITS!!!!