Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm BACK! All moved and almost unpacked...

Well, it took a while, but we have gotten moved into the new apartment here in Mobile, Alabama. Went to my first two days of work at the refinery and it'll be interesting work! Lots of training so far, and things will be slow for the next month or so, but when it does pick up, it'll be VERY busy.

In the days since the move, I've gotten several packages in the mail... some contest winnings and a couple of trades. If I don't get things linked right, I apologize as I'm still a bit scatter-brained trying to keep up with everything!

First of all, some contest winnings from They did a little trivia contest and sent over some 1952 style cards that they had made! Not too shabby!
Next up, we have my winnings from Napkin Doon's awesome fun super awesome giveaway game! I stole an Oswalt jersey relic (I'll be trading for it later, I've already been contacted, just haven't caught up with e-mails yet!!) but it got stolen from me, and luckily I got this super awesome /99 of a player I like even if his name is tainted right now... The card is about a quarter inch thick, heavy and looks freakin' awesome.
Next up, I made a deal with Andrew S. on He sent me a link to his photobucket and I found a few Astros I wanted. We threw around a few trade proposals and finally settled on a deal, where I got these two cards... three pictures, as one card has dual relics on the front and back... NICE!
 First off all, I have NO clue they they paired Cruz and Saarloos together, other than that they played for the same organization, but they are both sweet patches and numbered 114/150! Awesome card and my first Jose Cruz relic, I was a big CRUUUUUUUUUZ fan as a kid, so I love this card!
 Another odd pairing, and although I loathe Joe Morgan, you can't argue his HOF credentials. I just wish they would have put a swatch of that orange jersey instead of the bat, but still a great card. The Wade Miller glove is cool, to me, getting a piece of something different like a glove is better than a dull grey jersey swatch.
And on the back of that card, we have Berkman and Hidalgo bats. As you can see, it's numbered 69/150. Two great low numbered relic cards from Andrew... AWESOME!

Finall, I have a deal I made with Tim over at Better Luck Next Pack. He got the Astros randomized to him in Nachos Grande's latest group break and I was able to make a deal with him before the break to get the Astros from him. I got some great cards in the break, including a Biggio hit that I already have! So, any Astros/Biggio collectors out there, the Biggio relic below is for trade!

The bottoms got cut off, but you get the point, some sweet Astros cards... he even included some sweet 1970's commons that I didn't already have! It turned out to be a great deal, hopefully for both involved, as I didn't have any of the '70's he sent me. The Robin Roberts and Don Larsen Archives cards are very cool as well. I really like the Archives set and if I can ever find a box cheap, I may have to bust one myself!

Thanks everyone for the deals, contests, trades, encouragement on the road, and for reading my blog. I realize I haven't done a contest in a very long time. I'm brewing up some ideas and trying to decide what prize or prizes I may want to give away. We'll see what I come up with!


  1. Wade Miller and Kirk Saarloos got relic cards? Seriously?

  2. Glad you liked them, look forward to trading again in the future.

  3. I'm glad you liked them, hope they will add to your collection.