Monday, August 22, 2011

I want your GQ Mini's...

This weekend, I went on one hell of a Gypsy Queen bender... I won't say how much I spent, but I went through my birthday money, and it was well worth it. Good golly I like this set! I have an irrational need to buy packs if I see it... Anyways, after buying up a bunch, I've decided what the hell, let's put this mini set together! I have a little over 100 mini's from the 350-card base set. My buddy Matt P. offered to send me all of his mini's, and I'm working on some trades for some. But if you're wanting to purge your mini collection, feel free to hit me up for a trade negotiation!

I'll be posting a need list soon for the mini's... and I also am in the process of putting a second complete set together. I'm 61 cards short and will post that want list below the mini need lists... 


  1. Shoot me an email. I've got a pile of GQ minis that I was about to post on my blog as trade bait. I'll give you first dibs. I'm upstairs watching the puppy right now though so I can't tell you which ones I have (and I know I'll forget by the time I'm able to get downstairs to look).

  2. I can hook you up with Dbacks and White Sox...since htey came to me from your group break it seems only fair.

  3. I saw you posted your lists. I've got a huge pile of two minis, but I still have plenty of base cards too. I'll see what I can find and get back with you.

  4. Your list didn't mention any Wall Climbers, did you need those as well?

    Also, out of the 3 packs I bought yesterday, I've got 3 minis and 3 base for you from your list.

    mini - 213, 258, 189
    base - 250, 237, 175

    I'll check my dupes against your list when I get home tonight. I know I've got a ton of the minis, I'll probably have a bunch of the base cards too.