Friday, August 19, 2011

I don't know where to even start... Tonight I pulled even with the house... Topps' house that is...

Before I get to the craziness that was my night, Donruss Americana released yesterday and it just so happens that our new LCS is carrying it. So the wife and I headed on down to Spanish Fort and stopped by Big Hits Card Shop. Here's her swag from a couple boxes:
The highlights of course are the Peter Tork auto/relic, the John Wayne and the Charlie Chaplin. We were hoping for the movie posters from Gone With the Wind, but got The Duke and Mr. Chaplin, not bad for consolation prizes. Who the hell are the two autos at the top? I have no freakin' clue. And I'm proud I don't know who they are, it means I've done something relevant with my time rather than learn of obscure "celebrities". But seriously, if any of you know of them or are fans, they are up for trade. The Dorothy Lamour is a "super stars" parallel of the relic /25 with the jumbo swatch. I have really no clue who the hell she is either, but apparently she's important enough to get a jumbo swatch! Finally, there's the Stephen Baldwin auto/relic... all I can say to that is "At least it wasn't Billy."

So, while the wife and I were enjoying a quiet dinner at a fantastic new restaurant we found in Fairhope, Alabama... "Aurora" rocks... we got to talking about what I would do with my birthday money presents... I looked at Dave and Adams and just happened to see this utter ridiculousness. Really, $190 for a hobby box of a 6 month old product. Topps must have REALLY cut back on the production... however, some Topps exec must have read my blog from yesterday and consulted with the Collector's Karma Patrol because things got ridiculous once I got to Target. They actually had Gypsy Queen blasters... for $20 bucks! Screw the box of mini's you get in a hobby box, I had 3 blasters staring me in the face. I almost walked away, thinking "That's $60 I can spend towards a Nolan Ryan card I REALLY want." But the wife convinced me to take a shot and boy am I glad she did... after the first three, I stopped at another Target and found a fourth... you'll see why I stopped, and why I'm glad I did...

First up, I ended up with three sepia toned mini's #'ed /99... one pack had two that apparently got stuck together (Crawford and Price)... note, these are supposedly 1:94 packs, and I opened 32 packs tonight.... ridiculously lucky right there off the bat...
Please ignore the dead bug making a cameo in the picture here... Freakin sweet mini's... and all are up for trade!

Next up, is the FIRST hit of of FIVE!!!! You just read that right... 5 hits! In 4 blasters... that's more than I'd get in a hobby box... SUCK IT TOPPS!!! I WIN THIS GO AROUND!!!!
Ok, so it's a redemption... but it's a $100 book value redemption!!!! So what if it only sells on eBay for $28-32, Topps is all about creating false book value, so I'm taking book value tonight!!!!

Oh, yea, four more hits... well, here's three "mundane" hits, with the Stanton having a $50 book value...
Big Papi, Andres Torres and Mike Stanton, not a bad haul. No Gio Gonzales or Andrew Cashner here! The Stanton and Heyward are both 1:1,380 pack pulls. No clue what the odds are on the Torres and the Ortiz is 1:91 packs. Seriously, a jersey, an auto, two Group D autos, 3 sepia tones, and then there's this awesomeness:
Yea... that's right, a 1:3,800 pack pull.... some of you may recognize this card, kind of because I pulled another copy of it in my 2-box break! Dan in Maine got that one, and now I have another! There were only 25 made and I've managed to pull 2 of them!!!! If any of you math guys out there can do the odds of pulling all of these cards from 32 packs, I will bow down and proclaim your awesomeness (ranking behind the awesomeness of this night of blaster ripping). I cannot believe I pulled all these cards from the 4 blasters. Seriously, $80 plus tax for these blasters... or I could have bought a box online for more than twice that and gotten about half the hits...

Have I changed course from my feelings on yesterday's post? Hell no. Will I ride this bolt of lightning? Hell yes!

*Please excuse the gratuitous exclamation points and any questionable language... I'm still a bit geeked by these pulls.... wow...*


  1. Way to go Sam, way to stick it to the man!!! HA HA

    I love when a good dude like yourself scores big.

  2. Avenge us!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice Pulls Sam! Stickin' it to the MAN!

  4. After doing very complex mathematics, I have come to this conclusion:

    You win.

  5. Great pulls, congrats.

    Although I think I`m more surprised by the fact that you pulled 5 gypsy autos and one of them was not David DeJesus

  6. I would figure out those odds...but then what would the fun be? Ride the wave, enjoy it! The Gypsy Queen blasters have been pretty good - though in my experience they are mostly feast or famine - the good ones have multiple hits, the bad ones just suck really bad.

    Even so, it's great to see someone (not a big box breaker) end up with some cool and rare cards!

  7. Oooh, a Heyward Auto. It was all win from there, even if nothing else had appeared.

    Congrats my friend, congrats.

  8. Forget that Gypsy Queen nonsense.... YOU GOT A STEPHEN BALDWIN AUTO!!!!! OMG!!!!! He was great in that one movie about that thing!

  9. That Paps card is ridiculously awesome. That was the Target trip of a lifetime. Nicely done sir! I'm completely jealous.

  10. There must be something with Topps and Target. I got some really good hits from Topps earlier this year and all but one came from Target

  11. Price of the Heyward redemption? I might be interested

  12. I'm still way behind on my blog reading, so I'm just seeing this now. Amazing pulls and the story behind it all makes it even better. I wish that I had some amazing Astros cards on my hands to try and pry those Sox away form you, but the only thing that I have at the moment is a Craig Biggio jersey card from 2003 Topps 205 Baseball.

    Congrats on those amazing pulls.