Saturday, August 27, 2011

Group Break Announcement

I, the Dimwit, have decided to hold another group case break!!! What product you may ask? 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts! Here is the product breakdown:

20 boxes per case. Four hits per box. 80 total hits!
*Find 3 memorabilia cards numbered 399 or less per box on average.
*On average find 1 Auto-Facts signature per box!
*4 big hits in every 10 pack box.
*Jersey cards also feature Awesome Artifacts oversized memoribilia cards numbered to 45!
*Look for rare autographed memorabilia cards numbered to 30 or less!
*Look for extremely rare 1 of 1 autograph with a button or tag and jersey on the same card!

Due to some teams having less cards in the checklist, I have combined a few teams to make 26 available slots. As always, my breaks will be recorded and posted on YouTube! You will see each pack opened! Also, I am going to try to possibly do the break live on UStream, but we'll see if I can get my camera interfaced with the computer... no promises...

Astros - The Dimwit - PAID
Athletics - Andrew - PAID
Blue Jays/Royals/Angels - Robert Mitchell - PAID
Braves - Ryan LaMonica - PAID
Brewers - Phillip Whiteside - PAID
Cardinals - IkesCards - PAID
Cubs - Matt Pederson
Rays - Nathan - PAID
Dodgers/Dbacks/Pirates - Justin - PAID
Giants - Andrew - PAID
Indians - David - PAID
Mariners - Lil J.
Marlins - Derek Hill - PAID
Mets - BA Benny - PAID
Nationals/USA - Adam C. - PAID
Orioles - CommishBob - PAID
Padres - Rod - PAID
Phillies - Dawgbones - PAID
Rangers - Andrew Skipton - PAID
Red Sox - Matt Perry - PAID
Reds - Charles Mowry - PAID
Rockies - Hiflew- PAID
Tigers - Lil J.
Twins - Brian Snider - PAID
White Sox - Nathan - PAID
Yankees - Derek Hill - PAID

Cost - $30 per team including shipping. Second teams only $25.
A complete checklist can be found here!

Also, if by some freak collation issue, your team does not end up with a hit in the case, I will personally add a hit for your team from my personal collection (or I will go buy you one if I don't have one)! I will not let you open a package of base cards! You will get at least one hit from this break!!!!!

Leave a comment to claim your team or teams and send your money to paypal addrrss Thanks!


  1. This product is too enticing - I missed the Yanks, but are the Bravos still available?

    Thanks, Sam - let me know.

  2. I'm in for the Orioles