Sunday, August 21, 2011

An awesome mystery package... a sweet trade and a "why the heck not" purchase...

So, my favorite Troll, Marck over at the Collective Troll had posted a while back about wanting to rid himself of some Diamond Giveaway Code Cards... well, I happened to only need 7 more rings to get to 45 total for the "60th Anniversary Complete Set" so I begged for them and Marck happily obliged. What I wasn't expecting was the mysterious humongous envelope that would show up in my mailbox a couple weeks later... First of all, he sent along some awesome Roller Derby stuff, including a mystery autograph... as well as some cool MLB stuff...
I'm assuming the auto is from roller derby, but I can't be 100% sure... he sent along a couple packs of Harley Davidson cards which turned out to be more interesting than I had presumed, some nice bikes in there... a pack of the Conlon Collections cards, educational, some of those guys I had never heard of! And then he included some Astros awesomeness! The prize of the package is this little booklet, here's the front/back:
22/250? NICE! Here's where it gets even better, on the inside:
Not only a listing of how awesome Jeff Bagwell was/is... but a piece of game-used jersey... Sweet... although I'm not quite sure how to put in a binder or collection without totally hiding the jersey! But definitely a problem I don't mind having to deal with! Next up are some vintage Astros and an AWESOME Nolan Ryan O-Pee-Chee!
I was about to use the 8 diamond code cards that he sent to get to my 45 total rings as well! I have already requested delivery! I didn't unlock much of anything worthwhile from the actually cards until the last one... where I unlocked a diamond die cut Mark Teixeira! If I can manage to trade it for Wandy Rodriguez, I'll have all three Astros from the die cut set, plus Nolan Ryan! SWEET!

There was also a generous stack of Astros cards that were just awesome. Marck, you outdid yourself... I am in debt to you! Let me know what I can send your way in exchange for this bounty of cards!

Next up, we have a trade with Kevin over at The Diamond King who took a liking to the Dennis Rodman jersey card from Goodwin that I pulled... he sent over some vintage Nolan Ryan cards for me! And once again was entirely too generous! He also completed my 2008 UD A Piece of History Set for me! Thanks Kev!

Finally, on a whim this morning, while at WalMart picking up a few things, I took a chance on one of these:
So, you get one graded card and 10 random packs... well, I guess I shouldn't be too upset that I ended up with one of the few "super stars" they listed on the side of the box:
Now, not exactly BGS graded... but still, a 9 for a super star like A-Rod isn't the worst card I could have pulled out of this box... and the ten packs were fun to open as well, with superstars aplenty:
One card from each pack (except for the 2008 A Piece of History, I got a /250 Jason Giambi blue parallel!). Lots of recognizable names. Nothing worth $20 overall that I paid for this, but I wasn't really expecting it to be all that great. I bought this one just for the heck of it, and had fun opening it. I also ended up with one of the Goodwin "nighttime" short prints from 2009, of Man-Ram, but still a short print! The 10 packs were all main stream product and at least I didn't end up with a 1989 Jose Canseco graded card...BA Benny or Emerald City Diamond Gems or anyone for that matter, any interest in the A-Rod?

Enjoy your Sunday everyone... the wife and I are headed to Pensacola for the afternoon... should be fun!


  1. Those mystery boxes can be fun, even though you rarely get the value of what you pay. I would be interested in the A-Rod.

  2. You got lucky. I bought one of those graded card mystery boxes and pulled a 1990 Upper Deck Kevin Bass BCCG 10.

  3. Great post! Glad ya liked everything... The autograph was actually Alvin Dark, the Swamp Fox... I know he doesn't have much of a link to the Astros, but it seemed appropriate to share with ya... Cheers!