Sunday, August 28, 2011

2006 Artifacts Group Break - Update

Hey everyone, the following teams are still available: (GO HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS)

White Sox

Only $30 per slot! Once I get 20 slots filled, I'll order the case and should have it in hand within a week! Anyone already in the break, if you advertise/pimp the break on your blog, I'll also include a pack of 2011 Topps Lineage or Bowman Platinum (your choice) with your group break loot!

Also, if by some freak collation issue, your team does not end up with a hit in the case, I will personally add a hit for your team from my personal collection (or I will go buy you one if I don't have one)! I will not let you open a package of base cards! You will get at least one hit from this break!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Group Break Announcement

I, the Dimwit, have decided to hold another group case break!!! What product you may ask? 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts! Here is the product breakdown:

20 boxes per case. Four hits per box. 80 total hits!
*Find 3 memorabilia cards numbered 399 or less per box on average.
*On average find 1 Auto-Facts signature per box!
*4 big hits in every 10 pack box.
*Jersey cards also feature Awesome Artifacts oversized memoribilia cards numbered to 45!
*Look for rare autographed memorabilia cards numbered to 30 or less!
*Look for extremely rare 1 of 1 autograph with a button or tag and jersey on the same card!

Due to some teams having less cards in the checklist, I have combined a few teams to make 26 available slots. As always, my breaks will be recorded and posted on YouTube! You will see each pack opened! Also, I am going to try to possibly do the break live on UStream, but we'll see if I can get my camera interfaced with the computer... no promises...

Astros - The Dimwit - PAID
Athletics - Andrew - PAID
Blue Jays/Royals/Angels - Robert Mitchell - PAID
Braves - Ryan LaMonica - PAID
Brewers - Phillip Whiteside - PAID
Cardinals - IkesCards - PAID
Cubs - Matt Pederson
Rays - Nathan - PAID
Dodgers/Dbacks/Pirates - Justin - PAID
Giants - Andrew - PAID
Indians - David - PAID
Mariners - Lil J.
Marlins - Derek Hill - PAID
Mets - BA Benny - PAID
Nationals/USA - Adam C. - PAID
Orioles - CommishBob - PAID
Padres - Rod - PAID
Phillies - Dawgbones - PAID
Rangers - Andrew Skipton - PAID
Red Sox - Matt Perry - PAID
Reds - Charles Mowry - PAID
Rockies - Hiflew- PAID
Tigers - Lil J.
Twins - Brian Snider - PAID
White Sox - Nathan - PAID
Yankees - Derek Hill - PAID

Cost - $30 per team including shipping. Second teams only $25.
A complete checklist can be found here!

Also, if by some freak collation issue, your team does not end up with a hit in the case, I will personally add a hit for your team from my personal collection (or I will go buy you one if I don't have one)! I will not let you open a package of base cards! You will get at least one hit from this break!!!!!

Leave a comment to claim your team or teams and send your money to paypal addrrss Thanks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contest Winnings from Cheap Card Collecting

I won part of Cheap Card Collecting's contest last week... and got my 3 packs of Lineage in the mail today...

The mini's:
 The base worth showing off...
 The inserts...
 And finally, the hit! Sweet! Luckily I got a hit out of the contest winnings! This one is reserved for Chris over at Nachos Grande unless he turns it down, as I am a bit in his debt from our massive A&G trade...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A trade... contest winnings... and a MAJOR MOJO birthday surprise!

Hey everyone... thanks to those who have e-mailed or facebook'ed me with birthday wishes, much appreciated it.

I have a few packages in the mail today... first of all a contest win from Ryan G from This Card Is Cool. I had won a contest over there, and had also admired this card that he picked up at a card show... so he sent it to me for my winnings:
SWEET bright orange swatches always put a big smile on my face, and I wasn't even aware Cedano had any GU cards out there! I should always check before I assume such things!

Next up, I bought a card from Trey from Rants, Reviews and Fandom. He was selling off his Hunter Pence collection after Hunter was traded to Philly. So I snagged this manu-plate:
This is my first Astros leather nameplate. They are cool, but I really don't think they should count as a "hit". They should be inserted into blasters like the manu-patches. Just my 2 cents...

Next up is my side of a trade with Dennis over at Too Many Grandersons not only did he hook me up with a fat stack of Astros goodies, but he also sent me these nice cards:
This is my first Billy Wags auto and a sweet one it is at that! The Eddie Matthews manu-patch will go nicely with the jersey swatch of his that I have. For some reason, I have started collecting any Matthews cards I come across. I think the Astros had him for one throw away season towards the end of his career, but he of course is known for greater feats. Finally there is the Castro "O". I now have 3 letters towards the CASTRO, but I have an "S" from Jordan Lyles and I'm considering just building "ASTROS" instead of "CASTRO" and putting into a binder or frame in a cool way. We'll see... these were all in exchange for the Verlander auto that I pulled from UD Black last week...

Oh, you wanted sick mojo? Well... I will deliver... but first you have to put up with some very non-sick mojo. My wife bought me two more boxes of UD Black for my birthday. The first box was very "meh" and if this was the first box I had opened I might be a bit disappointed in the product, but you take the good with the bad on this product:
Jeremy Hermida and Kei Igawa. Not everyone at once now... one trade request at a time... haha... I'm assuming BA Benny will jump on the Igawa, if just for the chance to be the one to light it on fire... haha!

Next we have the first card of box two... not a great card, a common in it's insert set, but I like the design and the silver sharpie signature is nice as well:
Any Fred Lewis super collectors out there?!?!?!? Does anyone else hear crickets?

Alright, so here's the super sick awesome mojo... I'll let it's awesomeness speak for itself:

Yes, the most expensive BV base card in the set... drool... drool... drool... I apparently have a propensity to pull this guy's awesome cards, having also pulled his cabinet loader 1/1 from A&G last year... Hopefully this will fetch me $300 or so... or three more boxes of UD Black at BigHits (yes, Nathan, I'm talking to you... haha!)...

Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I want your GQ Mini's...

This weekend, I went on one hell of a Gypsy Queen bender... I won't say how much I spent, but I went through my birthday money, and it was well worth it. Good golly I like this set! I have an irrational need to buy packs if I see it... Anyways, after buying up a bunch, I've decided what the hell, let's put this mini set together! I have a little over 100 mini's from the 350-card base set. My buddy Matt P. offered to send me all of his mini's, and I'm working on some trades for some. But if you're wanting to purge your mini collection, feel free to hit me up for a trade negotiation!

I'll be posting a need list soon for the mini's... and I also am in the process of putting a second complete set together. I'm 61 cards short and will post that want list below the mini need lists... 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

An awesome mystery package... a sweet trade and a "why the heck not" purchase...

So, my favorite Troll, Marck over at the Collective Troll had posted a while back about wanting to rid himself of some Diamond Giveaway Code Cards... well, I happened to only need 7 more rings to get to 45 total for the "60th Anniversary Complete Set" so I begged for them and Marck happily obliged. What I wasn't expecting was the mysterious humongous envelope that would show up in my mailbox a couple weeks later... First of all, he sent along some awesome Roller Derby stuff, including a mystery autograph... as well as some cool MLB stuff...
I'm assuming the auto is from roller derby, but I can't be 100% sure... he sent along a couple packs of Harley Davidson cards which turned out to be more interesting than I had presumed, some nice bikes in there... a pack of the Conlon Collections cards, educational, some of those guys I had never heard of! And then he included some Astros awesomeness! The prize of the package is this little booklet, here's the front/back:
22/250? NICE! Here's where it gets even better, on the inside:
Not only a listing of how awesome Jeff Bagwell was/is... but a piece of game-used jersey... Sweet... although I'm not quite sure how to put in a binder or collection without totally hiding the jersey! But definitely a problem I don't mind having to deal with! Next up are some vintage Astros and an AWESOME Nolan Ryan O-Pee-Chee!
I was about to use the 8 diamond code cards that he sent to get to my 45 total rings as well! I have already requested delivery! I didn't unlock much of anything worthwhile from the actually cards until the last one... where I unlocked a diamond die cut Mark Teixeira! If I can manage to trade it for Wandy Rodriguez, I'll have all three Astros from the die cut set, plus Nolan Ryan! SWEET!

There was also a generous stack of Astros cards that were just awesome. Marck, you outdid yourself... I am in debt to you! Let me know what I can send your way in exchange for this bounty of cards!

Next up, we have a trade with Kevin over at The Diamond King who took a liking to the Dennis Rodman jersey card from Goodwin that I pulled... he sent over some vintage Nolan Ryan cards for me! And once again was entirely too generous! He also completed my 2008 UD A Piece of History Set for me! Thanks Kev!

Finally, on a whim this morning, while at WalMart picking up a few things, I took a chance on one of these:
So, you get one graded card and 10 random packs... well, I guess I shouldn't be too upset that I ended up with one of the few "super stars" they listed on the side of the box:
Now, not exactly BGS graded... but still, a 9 for a super star like A-Rod isn't the worst card I could have pulled out of this box... and the ten packs were fun to open as well, with superstars aplenty:
One card from each pack (except for the 2008 A Piece of History, I got a /250 Jason Giambi blue parallel!). Lots of recognizable names. Nothing worth $20 overall that I paid for this, but I wasn't really expecting it to be all that great. I bought this one just for the heck of it, and had fun opening it. I also ended up with one of the Goodwin "nighttime" short prints from 2009, of Man-Ram, but still a short print! The 10 packs were all main stream product and at least I didn't end up with a 1989 Jose Canseco graded card...BA Benny or Emerald City Diamond Gems or anyone for that matter, any interest in the A-Rod?

Enjoy your Sunday everyone... the wife and I are headed to Pensacola for the afternoon... should be fun!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I don't know where to even start... Tonight I pulled even with the house... Topps' house that is...

Before I get to the craziness that was my night, Donruss Americana released yesterday and it just so happens that our new LCS is carrying it. So the wife and I headed on down to Spanish Fort and stopped by Big Hits Card Shop. Here's her swag from a couple boxes:
The highlights of course are the Peter Tork auto/relic, the John Wayne and the Charlie Chaplin. We were hoping for the movie posters from Gone With the Wind, but got The Duke and Mr. Chaplin, not bad for consolation prizes. Who the hell are the two autos at the top? I have no freakin' clue. And I'm proud I don't know who they are, it means I've done something relevant with my time rather than learn of obscure "celebrities". But seriously, if any of you know of them or are fans, they are up for trade. The Dorothy Lamour is a "super stars" parallel of the relic /25 with the jumbo swatch. I have really no clue who the hell she is either, but apparently she's important enough to get a jumbo swatch! Finally, there's the Stephen Baldwin auto/relic... all I can say to that is "At least it wasn't Billy."

So, while the wife and I were enjoying a quiet dinner at a fantastic new restaurant we found in Fairhope, Alabama... "Aurora" rocks... we got to talking about what I would do with my birthday money presents... I looked at Dave and Adams and just happened to see this utter ridiculousness. Really, $190 for a hobby box of a 6 month old product. Topps must have REALLY cut back on the production... however, some Topps exec must have read my blog from yesterday and consulted with the Collector's Karma Patrol because things got ridiculous once I got to Target. They actually had Gypsy Queen blasters... for $20 bucks! Screw the box of mini's you get in a hobby box, I had 3 blasters staring me in the face. I almost walked away, thinking "That's $60 I can spend towards a Nolan Ryan card I REALLY want." But the wife convinced me to take a shot and boy am I glad she did... after the first three, I stopped at another Target and found a fourth... you'll see why I stopped, and why I'm glad I did...

First up, I ended up with three sepia toned mini's #'ed /99... one pack had two that apparently got stuck together (Crawford and Price)... note, these are supposedly 1:94 packs, and I opened 32 packs tonight.... ridiculously lucky right there off the bat...
Please ignore the dead bug making a cameo in the picture here... Freakin sweet mini's... and all are up for trade!

Next up, is the FIRST hit of of FIVE!!!! You just read that right... 5 hits! In 4 blasters... that's more than I'd get in a hobby box... SUCK IT TOPPS!!! I WIN THIS GO AROUND!!!!
Ok, so it's a redemption... but it's a $100 book value redemption!!!! So what if it only sells on eBay for $28-32, Topps is all about creating false book value, so I'm taking book value tonight!!!!

Oh, yea, four more hits... well, here's three "mundane" hits, with the Stanton having a $50 book value...
Big Papi, Andres Torres and Mike Stanton, not a bad haul. No Gio Gonzales or Andrew Cashner here! The Stanton and Heyward are both 1:1,380 pack pulls. No clue what the odds are on the Torres and the Ortiz is 1:91 packs. Seriously, a jersey, an auto, two Group D autos, 3 sepia tones, and then there's this awesomeness:
Yea... that's right, a 1:3,800 pack pull.... some of you may recognize this card, kind of because I pulled another copy of it in my 2-box break! Dan in Maine got that one, and now I have another! There were only 25 made and I've managed to pull 2 of them!!!! If any of you math guys out there can do the odds of pulling all of these cards from 32 packs, I will bow down and proclaim your awesomeness (ranking behind the awesomeness of this night of blaster ripping). I cannot believe I pulled all these cards from the 4 blasters. Seriously, $80 plus tax for these blasters... or I could have bought a box online for more than twice that and gotten about half the hits...

Have I changed course from my feelings on yesterday's post? Hell no. Will I ride this bolt of lightning? Hell yes!

*Please excuse the gratuitous exclamation points and any questionable language... I'm still a bit geeked by these pulls.... wow...*

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have I stopped being a set builder???

In my last post, I said I think one box of 2007 UD Black may have changed my collecting focus. Well, I thought I'd explain...

Since returning to the hobby in 2009 with Allen and Ginter, I had been focused primarily on building a few sets a year. Mainly Allen and Ginter, plus the Topps base set and then either a set from my non-collection years like UD A Piece of History or Ovation. This year I set my sights on Gypsy Queen, A&G and the base set. Through dozens of trades (I really should start tracking all these packages, all the states I've mailed to, etc) I've gotten Astros hits from a wide variety of products. I enjoy getting all these cards, both from the sets and from trades.

However, over the past few months my apathy, disgust and frustration with Topps has grown to a peak. I unexpectedly decided to collect Lineage. Opening it reminded me a bit of the frustrations with A&G and the base. Way too many inserts, parallels to chase and not enough base cards in the box. When did we need 29 parallel/insert sets in every product? Why do we need a canary, platinum, refractor, cloth and mini? They aren't all that rare or valuable... they just fill up packs.

So for my birthday, the wife let me buy a box of 2007 UD Black, which cost me less than a box of Lineage. The shop owners stood there as I opened it and got genuinely excited or more so when the Verlander and Konerko came out of the packs. I got genuinely excited knowing that I was going to pull quality cards, that it was more than just a pull on a slot machine hoping that the insert I get is a relic of a player that's good enough to either go into my collection or that I can use to trade for a card I want. It really got me to thinking... those awesome high-end Nolan Ryan cards that come in the $60-$100+ per pack/mini-box... I want those, but I can never afford them in the secondary market. Why shouldn't I give myself the opportunity to open a pack and get one? So what if I end up with a high-end Konerko out of it instead of a Ryan? I still had a better chance opening the pack than I did bidding on eBay or looking for it on COMC. This isn't a slight to eBay or COMC, it's a slight to my budget, I just don't have the cash for the AWESOME cards I really want in my collection. And I probably am not going to get the awesome cards in $80-100 hobby boxes of Topps products either.

Will I still buy packs from time to time? Definitely... Blasters? Absolutely... Several hobby boxes of mid-range product to build the set? Probably not. I can do without my three "hits" of Dempster, Billy Butler and Derrek Lee. I'd rather spend that $100 on a box of UD Black... or a pack or two of Tribute... or maybe if I can find a mini-box of Triple Threads on the cheap... Or I go on eBay and get some Astros relic lots. Maybe I buy into some of those group breaks I pass over that include a high end product or two. Quality over quantity. And even if Upper Deck screwed some stuff up to lose their license, I think I'll be revisiting their mid-00's high-end products to see if there are some deals out there. I will say that I do believe Topps will be getting less of my money. Will this hurt the binder of "for trade" cards? I hope not, if it does, I'll start pulling some non-Astros lots or something to replinish...

Anyways, there's my rant on my collecting goals. What do you all think? High-end? Low-end? Quantity or quality? What are you goals? Anyone else as burnt out as I am with Topps? I saw the pictures and details of 2012 base set, and it's the same song, third verse if you ask me. Full of gimmicks... tired, old gimmicks.

So, if there are insert sets or complete sets from the past couple years that you want or need to complete, let me know, as I'm probably going to start boxing up the complete sets soon and clear some room and binders.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A BIG Trade post... massive quantity of updates... birthday present... stuff...

I've been a bad blogger while I was doing my contest... I let trades, b-day presents and contest winnings pile up and now you all get a huge post to scroll through and see my new cards! So, first up is Chris from Nachos Grande. There's no way for me to scan all the cards he sent my way... he finished off my 2011 Allen and Ginter set (except for 1 card, #88) and also sent along this awesomeness:
My first ever "diamond sparkle" SP, even if it is Carlos Lee. Chris did a fantastic Top 10 break down of all the cards I sent him, and I'd be here all night posting pictures of all the awesome cards he sent me. I definitely owe him a nice hit or two down the road as he totally outdid himself on this one. Chris, you're awesome, your blog is awesome and I'm sure I'll be sending some cards your way some time soon!

Next up is my buddy Andrew who I met on He had this SWEET Jeff Kent patch and I was able to get it with a could of Goodwin hits sent his way... it's number 4/5, so a very nice low numbered patch is always welcome... and it's my first Jeff Kent "hit".

Alright, next up is my buddy David from Rhubarb_Runner. I was holding some Twins hostage, errr... holding them for safe keeping, until David was able to replenish his Astros trade bait... and that he did!
It turns out that I somehow missed the fact that I already had both Oswalt relics in my collection, so any Astros collectors out there with duplicate hits they want to send my way... or any Phillies Oswalt collectors who want to trade for these? The Scott auto is nice, as it's my first of him as well. I really like the Born In The USA series as well. Thanks David!

Alright, next is Duane from Democratic Roadkill... AWESOME blog name, love it... and not for political reasons, but mainly because I like blog titles that are descriptive and just a little odd.... I'm odd, just deal with it people... I had a bunch of mini's for him... he had these two SWEET EXT A&G mini's (only found in RIP cards) for me...
Nice additions to my collection, again, even if it involves Carlos Lee... hard to think they could fit Carlos on a "mini" anything... ok, sorry... bad "fat" joke... I'll move on...

Another reader, Jeff W., is always willing and able to make a trade and once again he out did himself with his latest assistance getting my Kimball Champions and Topps series 2 need lists cleared out a bit:
Thanks Jeff!

Alright, now onto a "contest" winning... from the forum boards of Tri-City Sports Cards (of Poland). I'm still feeling a bit of a let down from the half case I bought in Jan/Feb. But I go to their forum when they announce a contest just to put my hat in the ring... and I won a limited edition Bryce Harper card numbered 69/100. So here you go, I'll let you all judge it's coolness, let me know what you think:
Oh crap... one more trade... this from a nice lady named Jenny who Jeff W. put me in contact with... I sent her a Stras-mas RC and a few other Yanks in exchange for some cards for my wife:
Thanks Jenny! Anyone with cards from this set, let me know, I'd be interested in trading for them!

Finally, I have two cards (one's already traded) from one of my birthday presents (next Tuesday I'll be 31, ug, closer to 40 than 20 now... so sad...) and my wife and I went to Big Hits Sports Cards in Spanish Fort, AL looking for Goodwin Champions, but alas they were soldout. However, they did have some boxes of 2007 UD Black on sale... so I took a shot a some high end cards which I normally wouldn't dare... here's what I got:
The Verlander is already on its way to Dennis at Too Many Grandersons. The Konerko is definitely up for trade. The Konerko is just sick looking... I love it... the photo and sig plate are see-through, hard to explain but in hand it just looks awesome.  I definitely may try this product again. You only get two cards, but they are nice looking cards and I definitely feel I got my money's worth. It may just change my collecting mindset as well, but more on that in a later post...

Thanks to all who participated in the recent contest... it was a lot of fun and I hope everyone who "won" actually feels like they won. I don't think anyone got "stuck" with a card they didn't really want. Hopefully it'll bless your trade bait or personal collections more than it did mine!

Friday, August 12, 2011

CONTEST RESULTS! Start picking everyone!

First of all, very few participants got the trivia question correct... the correct answer is Juan Berenguer of the San Fransisco Giants, who pitched 5 innings and gave up only one run in Houston against Mike Scott in 1986, however Mike Scott was on fire that night and clinched the division with a no-hitter. Yes, I was 6, yes I was there! Here's the randomization video of all 70 entries (WOW, that's my best contest yet! I'm glad you all joined in!)

Alright, the audio is HORRIBLE... ridiculously bad... but hopefully you get the gist of it... the prize package has been increased and 10 people will win a card! Here's a screen shot of the final randomization if you don't want to watch the video:

So, we'll get started with the following list of winners, in order, comment to select your prize, then send me an e-mail with your address:

1) Fuji -- Claims the A-Rod jersey
2) Kirk Jacobson -- Claims the Fausto Carmona auto
3) cubsfan371 -- Claims the Austin Kearns auto
4) TheLostCollector -- Claims the Felix Hernandez jersey
5) Eggrocket - SKIPPED
6) -potch wheeler -- Claimed the Alex Rios bat
7) The Diamond King -- Claimed the Carl Crawford Jersey
8) Shaddy Twine -- Claimed the Carlos Lee bat
9) Reds Card Collector -- SKIPPED
10) Napkin Doon -- Claimed the Josh Beckett jersey
11) Greg Zakwin -- Claimed the Brad Wilkerson jersey
12) Dan -- Will receive the Carlos Zambrano - I'm shocked this one made it to the end... would have though a dirty relic would have fared better than some of the others in this giveaway...


I will update this list as cards are selected! Here are the extra prize cards!
 And here are the original 5!

Thanks again everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Contest Pimpage!

While I have my own contest going... Cheap Card Collecting has got a sweet contest going as well... get over there, start following and catch up on the bonus entries... the more people who start following, the more bonus relics get put into the prize pool!!!!

As for my contest, remember to comment on the original post, pimp it if you like, and try to answer the trivia question from yesterday to get all your entries!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extra Entry! Here's your chance!

Want to win another entry into the contest.... well I pose a bit of a trivia question for you... The answer is non-google-able... for the most part...

The Dimwit has witnessed just ONE no-hitter in person... who was the LOSING pitcher????
(I will hide all answers until the contest closes on Friday...)

Answering this question CORRECTLY will get you one more entry into the contest for these cards!
Thanks cubsfan731... yes, it will take a CORRECT guess to get the extra entry... I apologize for any confusion...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First "Trade Night" and "Pack War".... plus a contest!

Alright, well I went to "Big Hits Sports Cards" in Spanish Fort, Alabama tonight for my first experience at a "trade night" and "pack war". Well, needless to say it was more "pack war" than anything else but I still made out with some pretty nice cards if I say so myself. I did make one huge trade, and I'm very happy with the results. Some of you may remember the Goodwin Champions "Western Gorilla" patch card I pulled from my first box of Goodwin... well, I traded it straight up for these three beauts:
That first one is numbered #1 of 9!!!! Freakin' sweet patch card of Hunter, regardless of what other two guys are on there (no offense to Braun or Holliday). The other two are the true prize jewels in my opinion though. The triple threads Nolan Ryan is just magnificent with it's three swatches. What can I say about that Mets jersey in the Timeless Treasures card, and a bat relic too! Awesome cards and definitely worth the trade for that manu-patch, even with its rarity.

Alright, the pack wars won me a box of 2010 Update, so here's my hit from that:
An A-Fraud numbered out of /50, not shabby. Next!

Here we have my hits from Topps Lineage:
 Yes, you're not seeing double, that's two autos of the same guy, Fausto Carmona... joy... I'll save you all another "collation" rant...
Can't complain one bit about that Campanella relic though! Woo hoo! The Bruce is definitely for trade!

And finally, I got a box of Goodwin Champions... these are also for trade, as I don't collect basketball or football:
Good hits, if I collected either sport. The Sanders is really nice, and so is the Rodman. Not too sure if there are any collectors left of Hardaway...

Oh yea, did I mention a contest in the title of the post? Yes, I do believe I did. Here's the deal, I want to give away some cards. Nothing complicated. Just post a comment on this post, pimp my contest on your blog and leave a working link in the comment field. One entry for each. You have until Friday August 12th at 4:00pm to get your entries in. At which point I will randomize the list and give away the following 5 cards:

Each person will get their choice (except the 5th person, they'll just get the last card of course). Thanks for reading everyone. I may or may not provide ways to earn additional entries throughout the week!