Friday, July 15, 2011

A trade with Jeff...

I made another trade with reader Jeff W. He had acquired a card I really wanted, and well I was quick to make a deal for it. A few cards sent his way and he rewarded me with quite a few cards from my needs lists from 2011 Topps and 1978 Topps. Here's the keys to the trade though:

First, a nice Morgan Ensberg relic:
A nice pin striped card, he threw it in for free because of the slight manufacturer's wrinkle on the right side of the card, you can see it in the scan. I'll take in the damaged and flawed Astros cards, they are rather representative of the state of the actual team these days...

Ok, but here's the big daddy of the trade, and no scan of these cards do justice to how AWESOME they are in person. The cardboard stock is super thick, the colors are awesome, very reflective and yes I did take the protective layer off, how else would I be able to see how awesome this card is:

For those of you scratching your heads, wondering what this is, it's a Die Cut card exclusive from the Topps Website as part of the Diamond Topps code cards. Have Pence in hand, I REALLY want the Brett Wallace one now... and I can't wait to order my Nolan Ryan that I've already traded for! Awesome stuff, thanks Jeff! If he contacts any of you about a trade, go for it because he's an AWESOME trader!

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