Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Posting without cards/photos... this doesn't feel right...

So, since we've started packing and I've stopped doing a lot of trades, it's really slowed down my mail days and I really don't have a lot to post and share about. So I figured I'd just start writing tonight and see what happens...

I've been pretty intrigued with a series of posts over at I Am Joe Collector as he works to expose a autograph faker. That Evan Longoria "auto" that he pulled from Masterpieces is AMAZING and that post really put a smile on my face. Always good to see a good guy go after these complete idiots on eBay trying to pass of autographs onto unsuspecting fans. This is why I tend to avoid autos on eBay unless I can see the back of the card and it either has the correct wording, or a serial number I can verify with the manufacturer. Keep up the good work there Mr. Joe Collector. His posts really help remind me to be wary of things that look too good to be true.

As for my Astros, the depths to which they have fallen is just depressing. It's not fun to watch them play the game, the manager is a complete idiot and Carlos Lee is still fat & a horrible player. None of those things are going to change this season or probably next for that matter. Brad Mills doesn't know how to use his bullpen efficiently and his constant insertion and pulling of Brett Wallace out of the lineup needs to stop. Brett needs to learn to hit left handed pitching. He'll never learn that sitting on the bench watching. This season is the most opportune time to give him at-bats against lefties. It's not like a few more strikeouts are going to ruin our season... I really can't wait for Drayton McLane's sale of the team to Jim Crane to be complete and some hope being interjected into the fan base. I only wonder what will happen between now and the trade deadline. I know there is not a chance in hell that Carlos Lee will be traded (who would want him!?!) but I am hoping that Wandy and Bourn get dealt. Both are getting too expensive to justify keeping them and again, it's not like trading them will ruin our season. Bourn is a Boras client and won't sign an extension but will rather look for a big pay day in free agency, so let him go now and save the headache of trying to re-sign him. Alright, enough of that depressing topic...

I've signed up for Gint-a-Cuffs III. I need to get my box ordered, but I need to wait and get some funds. There's also the sticky situation of moving. If the product releases at mid-month, then I don't know if it'll get here in time before I move to Alabama on the 29th. I may just have to wait and order it once I get to Alabama. I'm really looking forward to A&G this year, I really like the design and am really excited about the many new inserts this year. I think I'll go after the base set again w/ SP's and then maybe pick 1 or 2 mini sub-sets to go after. Of course I'll try to pull as many Astros variations and inserts as possible, hopefully there are more Hunter Pence cards than Carlos Lee this year.

Well, hope you all are having a great week. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, let me know if you have any topics that you'd like me to give my insight on. Any reader who submits a topic, I will address it in some way or form, no matter how ridiculous... ok, well, just keep it appropriate people, hobby-related preferred... but if you really want my opinion on the feminist movement arising from the French Revolution then well, you'll get a paragraph of my insanity, as my opinion on such a topic will be non-nonsensical. Ask away!

Good night everyone!

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  1. I'm hating this season as well. I wasn't expecting much but still depressing when the Astros are officially the worst team in baseball. I really like Wandy as a pitcher but I know it's better to deal him now and hopefully get a good prospect or two. (With the way we acquire talent they'll be some bottom tier prospects nobody wanted)

    I'm scared to see Pence dealt even if we get good returns. I really like him and he would at least give the young guys on the team some normalcy with all the changes occurring soon. Pence has stated numerous times he doesn't want to leave or be traded but ultimately that's up to management I know.