Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Box Break Down

Well, as you can tell from my previous post, I got my box of 2011 A&G today and here is the video of my results:

Base Cards - 134/350 including 14 SP's and 3 code cards. There were two packs that had 2 SP's in them, so I ended up with a couple extra SP's. They were seeded 1:2 packs this year. I swear they were seeded either 1:4 or 1:6 in years past. Anyways, I'm glad there are more per box, as I hate chasing these down and I don't consider it a complete set unless all 50 SP's are there. Now that leaves me with 36 to chase!

Box Loader -  The jumbo cabinet style card celebrating Roy Halladay's post-season no-hitter.
Mini Cards - There's a big variety of mini's. There were 2 black borders, 7 regular back mini with 2 being SP's, 6 A&G ad backs with 1 being a SP, 2 World's Mysterious Figures, 2 Portraits of Penultimacy (dupicates of each other), 2 Univited Guests (duplicates again... Grade: F for Topps Department of Collation), 2 Animals in Peril and 1 Step Right Up. Here's a spattering of those mini's...

Regular Inserts - I got 3 Floating Fortresses, 4 Baseball Highlight Sketches, 3 Minds That Made The Future, 18 Hometown Heroes and 4 of the AWESOME full bleed Ascent of Man inserts. There's 26 of them, I wouldn't mind getting them all if any of you just don't like them!

HITS - Well, to say these were underwhelming would be to be putting it lightly. I'm not happy about these three. All three looks like they could have been cut from the same jersey/pants. Dull grey... and it just ticks me off. Certainly Topps can ensure that three absolutely CRAPPY hits don't end up in the same box. Seriously, even collectors from these guys' teams would be disappointed. At least give me something I can trade away. I could be stuck with these three for a LONG TIME...

With hits like these, is this going to be my only box? Highly doubtful... will there be lots of retail ripped, of course... hopefully I'll end up with some better cards from other boxes and packs! Needless to say, the hits are all available for trade...

Have a great day everyone!


  1. excuse me sir? Any chance I could pry that Adam LaRoche mini from your death grip?

    LMK if he's available.

  2. At least you got your three hits. I just busted a two hit box (and both hits sucked). Topps will be hearing from me for sure.

    I did end up with an extra code card in that box though, maybe that will help...

  3. I would not be disappointed in the Dempster relic considering I collect the guy. I'm not sure if I'd have anything to offer in return, but I'll check.

  4. Did you get any Indians? Always looking to trade for them.