Friday, July 8, 2011

Here's another trade post... Napkin Doon, I'm looking at you...

Well, I got a package in the mail today from Mr. Napkin Doon. And it's awesome, but the bad part that I've failed to get his package out in the mail yet this week. I know, I'm a horrible person... Napkin, your cards will be headed out soon, as well as Mr. BA Benny and Jeff W. A post office trip is scheduled!!!! But here's the cards anyways!
Very nice Bowman Sterling swatches of Bagwell and Berkman! And a sweet Club 3000 Nolan Ryan... thanks Mr. Doon...

Here are a couple of other recent pick ups, that's a 1/1 Roger Clemens that got cut off by the scanner by the way...

Adios amigos...


  1. That club 3000 card is sweet. I need someone to make a Jeter one!

  2. Hey, I got a bunch of nice new astro's in, check them out

  3. or email me at