Thursday, July 7, 2011

Contest Winnings from Play At The Plate

So I won me a nice little contest over at Play At The Plate the other day and got my contest winnings in the mail today... 3 packs of Topps Series 2 and some nice Astros. I knocked off one card from my set need list and 1 mini from my Kimball Champions need list. I also go a diamond code card and got a ring I needed and a 1973 Freddie Patek card that has a sweet action photo of Freddie turning a double play! Below are the inserts that I pulled, the Astros and the cards that I was able to cross off my want list. Thanks Brian for another great contest!
I scanned the back of the "original back" Dale Murphy Topps 60 card... that Berkman rookie is pretty cool.

Have a great evening everyone!