Friday, June 10, 2011

Wow... it was a busy day!

Alright, I've got lots to update on... first of all, a recent 3-way trade between Rhubarb_Runner, Cards from the Quarry and myself... Thanks for another great trade guys! I ended up with this beaut:
Then I stopped by Target at lunch and grabbed my first blaster of 2011 Topps... and pulled this awesome card!
Yes, it's manufactured, and yes I love it... I just wish they would have used the 80's Astros logo instead of the 90's, but that's the Topps-opoly for ya!

THEN, I stopped by my local card shop and bought this AWESOME card...

 MY FIRST BIGGIO AUTO!!! SWEEEEEEET!!!! The scan doesn't do it justice, but it's very shiny and awesome!!! A jersey/auto combo card from 2004, couldn't be happier.

Then I bought some Gypsy Queen and pulled this one:
And I bought an up-opened Topps Heritage buy-back box loader and lucky for me it had this little piece of awesomeness:

Then I also bought my first (and only) hobby box of 2011 Topps Series Two... here's the goodies:

 I like the diamond stars, but I don't love them...
 The Yogi is front & back because I got the regular and original backs!  The Biggio is staying in my collection!
 My one guaranteed hit!
Wow, ok, so I mainly just scanned the "good" inserts. I'm collecting the Kimball champions, but everything else is up for trade. Including that SP Diamond bling-bling Sandy Koufax up there!!!

I did get a total of 7 diamond giveaway cards, none of them netting me anything better than a 1979 card, but I did unlock my first Die Cut of Neftali Feliz (I traded for a Schmidt). Anyone interested?

I am up to 30 rings now, may see about buying a "lot" of giveaway cards on eBay to try and get to 45. We'll see... Got the NY Yankees ring, which must be hard to dig up, because I now have 180+ trade offers mostly for that one ring.

Finally, all your group break participants will be happy to hear that all of your packages were shipped out today! Nick, I included that Jeff Weaver you asked about, just remember me when you get a sweet Astros to send back for it some time!

I'll have a need list for Series 2 and Kimball up soon! Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  1. I didn't even know that Ryan manu patch was available. I pulled the Pence from Series 1 blaster. I had previously only seen Pence or Lee patches, sweet pickup man.

    If you get an extra Biggio Kimball anytime I'd be happy to trade you for it if I can find any of your needs once you post Series 2 wants.

  2. I think the idea with the manupatches is to feature the player with a logo from a different era. A little tougher to do with teams like the Yankees who never change their logo.

  3. What's your take on the SP shinies? I pulled a Hank Greenberg SP shiny today.