Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some sad news... and a contest plug...

The sad news is not really all that sad, but at least it is to me... I sold off a huge chunk of my personal collection last night. Around 26,400 cards. Most of it cheap wax from the "over produced era" as I guess it should be called. It's not junk to me, I guess, since it was what started my love of cards and also had my heroes on them. Anyways, I got $150 for the 6 boxes worth of cards, and sadly, that's probably right about their true worth. There was an amazing amount of 1990 Donruss and 1987 Topps in there... the two sets I probably busted the most of as a kid. It was all just getting to be too much to move, too unorganized and too much of a hassle. I went by the storage room today and loaded up another 6 boxes in the trunk of my car. I'll sort through those in the next few days and unload those as well. I've consolidated my current collection down to about 10 binders and (3) 5,000 count boxes. Probably about where it should be and it makes it a manageable bunch of cards. If I ever want a complete set of 87 Topps, I know I can find it on eBay pretty cheap.

Alright, now for a contest plug after that thoroughly depressing story... my buddy Ryan G over at This Card Is Cool is running a pretty swell contest. Several prizes... so get over there and sign up!

Going to the Astros game tomorrow night with the young professionals group from work. We've got the roof of Union Station reserved and will watch at least part of the game from up there. Hopefully we can beat those pesky Cardinals with their traitorous left fielder Berkman...


  1. I've seen a game from up on the Union Station roof. My dad's former company rented it out. The roof was closed, but surprisingly, that glass was crystal clear, there was no glare at all, and it was a blast. You'll have a great time there, man.

  2. I realize that's got to be a somewhat sarcastic comment - but do people in Houston dislike Berkman? He wanted to stay, there, right?

    I wish he was still there as a Reds fan - I'd rather see him hitting this well for a non-contender in the division, not carrying the Cards when Pujols wasn't being Pujols...

  3. Overall, I think there's a pretty positive sentiment towards him. My problem is that he seemed to have slacked off the last couple years when times were tough. Now that he's with the Cardinals, he's playing like an All-Star again. Tough to see that after the way he played the last two years in an Astros uni. Plus he's in that ugly Cardinals uniform. ;)

  4. I commend you for dumping the bulk of cards. I have so many boxes down in the card cave that should go. I might do it now.